From the desk of Ondeane – February 2020

As usual, life feels like I’ve boarded a freight train and I’m not sure how to get off. I have had a few ‘apparent’ revelations that I didn’t like too much. I’ve had new followers on this blog (welcome to all of you!) and I have worked hard at all my different projects.

I needed confirmation on something and have been expectantly waiting for that answer to come. I have, however, been feeling quite lost while waiting for the answer and then I rebelled a little. Yes, I do that sometimes.

I have once again drunk in the beauty of nature and then almost burnt to a crisp while doing a video in the sun for a few hours, not my finest and wisest of moments because I was sure that I would melt. I didn’t though, thankfully. Almost, but no.

I have allowed myself time to relax, read, listen to music and take walks in nature. This world was created with such beauty and I often say that I’m sure nature is kind of God’s pick-up line to us, “I knew a beautiful creation like you would thrive in a beautiful place like this.”

I have finished creating the 2021 planner and it’s cover and I’m now busy with the desk calendar which I’m creating on a different program than what I did it on before. I have been having some problems with the customer service at my printer and they haven’t done a few things that I asked and paid for, so I’m not very happy about that. The joys of self-publishing I guess! I think I may be looking for a new printer soon…it saddens me because I liked these guys in the beginning.

I wanted to share what my book cover will look like with all the elements that I mentioned in the video that I did about it, but they didn’t print it properly…it has no elements. It still looks good, but it’s not what I asked for or what I wanted to reveal to you guys so that will have to wait a bit longer before I can show you.

I have been feeling hopeful lately and even though people try and knock my faith and hopefulness down with their negativity, I refuse to go down! God is my strength! I hope everyone is having a lovely year so far and if not, keep on keeping on. This too shall pass.

Love and strength to you all!

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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