When Life Gives You Lemons Part 2

One of the lemons that life throws our way often is fear. In the world these days, that’s all you hear and read about. Fear of a virus, fear of death and fear for our loved ones. This is a serious lemon in many peoples lives, and how are many dealing with it? They are spreading the fear and widespread panic.

On social media it’s as if people have taken it upon themselves to make sure everyone in their circle is terrified. They share post upon post of fear. Yes, the virus is a cause to be more careful in life, but the fear that is being spread is not a good response.

In Italy, I have seen some people taking the lemons they’ve been handed and making it into something beautiful by sitting on their balconies and making music, singing and spreading music through Italy. In Spain, I have seen a fitness instructor stand on a building top and keep everyone in shape on their balconies. He took the lemon and made it constructive.

I for one will not let the fear that the devil is breeding through the world get me under. I WILL NOT FEAR! Why? Because my God is in control of my future and my destiny. If it’s my time to die, then it will happen. Whether it’s by virus or with a car accident. I will not be stopped from worshiping my God in church. I will not be stopped from loving the people around me as God has asked me to do. I will not be stopped from living my life while I still can.

How am I handling this lemon? I’ve tossed it into the rubbish bin!

I know that people need to be careful, just as careful as you need to be around people with the flu. That does not mean I’m going to let this rule my life or make me live in fear. I saw a t-shirt somewhere that made me laugh, it said: ‘I’m the husband of a South African woman, nothing scares me!’ Things are bad in this country, farm killings, muggings, corruption in all sectors and a lot of hatred. If I wanted to live in fear, I would already be doing that just by being in this country. But…


I refuse to walk around in fear for my life. Not of a virus and not of a person. This lemon is one that I have not accepted and have filed away in file 13 (the trash).

I pray that the world will realise that the fear that is being sown out there needs to come to a stop and messages of hope and love should be spread instead. I don’t want to be one of the people handing out lemons, do you? I want to be the one handing out the Tequila and salt!

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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