Jane Austen

I sit watching the movie ‘Becoming Jane’ and I am mesmerized by the person behind the books. I know and love the Jane Austen books but I have never gone behind the books to see the person who wrote them. I have to admit, Jane is my kind of person. Strong-willed, hard-headed, and slightly feminist (even though it was looked upon greatly in her day). I immediately liked her when I watched the movie I felt a strange kinship with her.

I felt her pain when she fell in love and then had her heart destroyed because her love’s uncle wouldn’t let him love a poor writer. I was incensed with her and wanted to raise my fists at the snobbery of it all. Love should conquer all…after all.

Usually, I don’t read books that have a historical feel to them but there was no chance that I was going to miss reading her beautifully written books.

Getting back to her life…I found it immensely sad that she didn’t get to know how revered her books were or get paid properly for her works of literary art. I also found it sad that she never knew monetary riches and had to struggle, with her family, to make ends meet. She had such a beautiful gift. It saddened me greatly that she gave the love of her life up because his whole family was depending on him financially and being with her would end that financial stream.

Most of all, my heart broke when I watched them meet up again when they were older and that love that was pushed aside and that you would think would have died in the icy waters of absence, still had glowing embers beneath the surface. The final nail in the coffin of my dry eyes? He named his daughter Jane and she loves Jane Austen’s books **sob**. She then asks Jane to read to her but everyone knows that Jane doesn’t do that anymore but she stops them and says that she will read something for young Jane **sobbing continues**.

I didn’t think I was going to love this movie so much, even though it has so many sad moments, but I did, I loved it! I loved that I got to see a little into who Jane was and what she stood for.

I researched a little to see what happened to her after what they show in the movie and I was saddened even further. Jane died when she was only 41 years old. This info, of course, caused me to sob even more. After seeing what she went through for her writing, I look up to her even more. I also loved how she used to do readings of her stories to small group of people. It made my heart glow.

If you haven’t watched the movie yet, and you love her writing, then do yourself a favour and watch it but have the tissues at hand because you will probably need them.

That’s it from me for now…

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