Surviving Financial Turmoil

Even when the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t there yet.

Life these days is harder than ever thanks to COVID-19. Many people have lost their jobs, companies and their livelihoods. People are feeling downtrodden and on the verge of nervous breakdowns. Tension is running high and you can see it all over social media.

People start lashing out at other people because they believe it will make them feel better as they are doing something with the anger inside of them. That is just an illusion because the more they lash out, the more downtrodden they get. Why? Well, because we were made to love and show love, not to show anger and hate.

Now, without getting too personal, I can tell you that I know very well how it feels to not know how you going to feed your family the next day because of no food in the house, so I can give advice on this subject because this is how I have been dealing with it.

Firstly, I wake up and confess, amongst other things, that I have plenty. If I start feeling down, I start singing about the joy of the Lord. This usually works within minutes. I then put a permanent smile on my face and believe it or not, it tricks my mind.

I also like to do something for someone else, even if it’s a message of upliftment or love. I ask God to show me who,

The next thing I do is imagine what I’m going to make for my family or if it’s a bill that has to be paid, I imagine how it gets paid and then I thank the Lord that He will provide. Just a reminder…He doesn’t always give it to you the way you think He will, keep your eyes open for the blessing in a different package.

At this point I’m usually feeling good and then I just need to sustain that feeling through the day. Honestly, I am not always able to sustain the feeling but God knows that I’m human and that I’m most certainly not perfect. Mostly though, I do win.

I may not always get to do this every day either because being human, I do have days that may overwhelm me, but I win on most days. One thing that I really enjoy is knowing that when I’m not allowing my circumstances to get me under, I’m aggravating the devil to no end and that makes me super happy! I can just imagine him throwing his toys out the cot and that makes me laugh.

Sometimes those nagging feelings come up that try and convince you that you’re stressing but I usually notice that this is the devil trying to attack my mind, but then I see a chihuahua puppy nipping at my heels and I laugh because he’s getting nowhere.

Whatever you’re going through right now, I hope that your eyes see clearly and that your spirits get lifted. I hope that your life improves and that the dark cloud above your head dissipates. God loves you!

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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