What is this thing called ‘exercise’?

Is it something you can eat?

New Years’ resolutions often contain the words ‘exercise’ and ‘more’ in the same sentence or even the words ‘start’ and ‘exercising’. This usually lasts for about a week (if your body is lucky) and then it goes down the drain with most of your other resolutions. Through the year, you may try and revive your resolution but it never really comes to fruition. Does this sound familiar?

Some believe that exercise is a form of torture left here by aliens to watch us like we watch hamsters in a wheel. Round and round we go and they sit there watching and laughing until the tears are rolling down their cheeks. Some fascinated that we would do this to ourselves.

Others believe that it’s a necessary part of life and that it is needed to keep our bodies healthy and in tone. They say that exercise helps our minds keep healthy as well and that we need to keep fit. The rest of the population think that they are a part of a crazy fitness cult (haha).

What I can tell you about exercising from my perspective, is this…it is extremely difficult to start. I will make every excuse in the book, I will even do the ironing instead (yes, I know, it’s craziness!), just so that I can justify why I didn’t get to do it. I would rather look myself in the mirror at that point, with all my bulges and curves in the wrong places and tell myself to put my big girl panties on and just make peace with it because self-torture is not your vibe.

Then I start to think to myself…but is exercise really self-torture? Or is looking at yourself in the mirror everyday and not liking what you’re seeing self-torture? Or being disappointed with yourself for the umpteenth time? Or feeling like you want to drop and roll every time you see stairs. Or sitting in a corner rocking yourself back and forth while staring at a piece of cake and chanting that you will not cave and then quietly crying for your mommy?

Tell me again…which one is self-torture?

Yes, starting with exercising is a doozy but your body gets used to it eventually and you start to get fit and feel better and will probably start losing a little of the bulges in the wrong places and getting curves in the right places. You start looking in the mirror and liking what you see. You see the stairs and imagine ‘Eye of the tiger’ playing in the background and you climb them victoriously and fist pump the air when you reach the top and imagine people giving you high fives all round. People might stare at you like you’ve lost the plot and back away from you slowly but secretly they understand.

Personally, I believe that exercise is a necessary evil to help us banish the true self-torture that we put ourselves through. Does this mean that I’m an exercise cult groupie? Nope, not at all. I’m still in the struggling stages of getting into the habit but I will keep on keeping on.

Why am I so determined? Well, because I am tired of being disappointed in myself for being overweight, unhealthy and unfit. I am tired of ‘dreaming’ of my awesome figure and fit body and not being out of breath every time I walk to the toilet. I am putting my big girl panties on and I’m doing something about it. At some point you need to stop dreaming and actually make it happen. I’m making it happen.

Some days my body wants to rebel against me because it’s hurting but I tell it to keep quiet and suck it up. I’m determined. I persevere. But just in case, if you hear a whiny noise or someone crying for their mommy or the sound of an adult child throwing a tantrum…know that it’s just me working at convincing myself that I’m not killing myself slowly with sit-ups and send me a little prayer.

How do you feel about exercise? Are you rocking yourself gently in a corner or are you doing something about it?

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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