Being True to Yourself

In a world with social media, magazines, Hollywood stars and peer pressure people try and find out who they are on a daily basis. This is not always an easy task especially seen as there seems to be a prescribed way to look and act in the media today and if you don’t look or act the way that you are supposed to according to ‘them’, then you become an outcast.

My question is…who is ‘them’ and where can I find them? I would like to sit down and ask them why they thought that they were the leading experts in this field that is so diverse. Why do I have to be normal or act a certain way in order for people to accept me? Why do I have to dress a certain way to make them happy?

I have enjoyed watching people through the different era’s take a stand against this. The Goth’s, the Hippies and the people that decided that they just don’t care and will not be held hostage by what people think. I believe that I am one of those people and I have raised my daughter to be the same way.

We do not submit to the current fashion trends or the ‘community standard’ of how you should act. I am a Bohemian Hippie and Storm is a mixture of Goth and Boho, depending on her mood for the day.

I believe your clothes, jewellery, hair and make-up show people who you are and what your personality is. That means that if I’m going to follow other people’s fashion and not my own, then I will not be giving a true reflection of myself.

I can sometimes see the people that are not being true to themselves because they look extremely uncomfortable in what they wearing. This is because it’s not them.

Would you rather be yourself and be comfortable and happy or would you rather be someone else’s creation and be uncomfortable and very unhappy? I choose the first option, hands down! You might think that you won’t fit in, but maybe the crowd that you trying to fit in with and that won’t accept the real you, are not the crowd you should be around. Your tribe is out there and if you are yourself, you will find each other. People usually gravitate towards others that are the same as them.

Who knows? Maybe the crowd that you are with at the moment would also accept the real you that you are hiding from them, you will never know unless you show them who you are. Every crowd has that weird friend that stands out, maybe you’re that friend. Every crowd has that plain person that likes to be in the shadows, maybe you’re that person.

This also goes for the way that you act. I’m reminded of the song by Miranda Lambert with the name ‘Mama’s Broken Heart’ where she says that her heart has been broken and her mom would want her to be prim and proper but it’s not her mother’s broken heart and she doesn’t want to hide her crazy. She wants to burn his house down (need to read between the lines of the song, haha).

If I want to be completely cray-cray, then I have a right to be that way. This is me. I wrote s song with that title and you can check it out on my YouTube channel here.

Be true to yourself and find out who your true friends are and if you need to find a new tribe, then do so. Celebrate who you are and celebrate the differences in your friends and family around you.

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments


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