CSI Cyber

The other day I started binge watching CSI Cyber and I wanted to start crawling into a hole and hiding. It is scary how people can find you and what you’re doing on your computer by using the internet. They can even switch on your camera. I watched in horror as Avery and the rest of the CSI Cyber team dove deeper into the internet and dark web and was able to find anyone.

It makes we want to become Amish and have no technology at all. Avery’s computer that was hacked and all her files were put online and all from a video that she had on her laptop which the bad guy knew she would watch and he infected it with a virus.

It’s scary to think that these things can really happen in the real world too. I mean, I’ve heard of banks being hacked but personal computers? It freaks me out.

What did you think of CSI Cyber? Does it make you want to go Amish too? All in all, I loved the series. I sat glued to my TV in constant suspense and wondering where my popcorn and coffee kept disappearing to. I love seeing how they find the people and how they work together. I also enjoy that the people in the teams are human and have problems in their own lives that they have to deal with.

That’s it from me for now, it’s a short one today. This week has been hectic!

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Enjoy the moments

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