Mary Kay Ash

American Businesswoman

(1918 – 2001)

Mary Kay Ash founded her own cosmetics company in 1963. The company was called Mary Kay Inc. Mary Kay used incentive strategies as well as other types of strategies in order for her employees to have the chance to benefit from their sales. Mary Kay became a huge success which she could attribute to her people and marketing skills.

Mary Kay starting working as a salesperson for Stanley Home Products in 1939. She used to host parties to get people to buy the household products that she was selling. She was so brilliant at her job that she was head hunted by another company named World Gifts in 1952. She worked there for just over a decade and trained many people in her time there. After yet another man that she had trained was promoted above her and then went on to earn a lot more than she did, she quit her job in protest against this treatment.

At the age of 45 and after bad experiences in normal workplaces, she started her own business. She started with 9 salespeople and today there are 1.6 million salespeople working for Mary Kay Inc. all around the world.

Mary Kay believed in ‘treat others as you want to be treated’ and had the motto: God first, family second and career third. A few other companies now follow the same strategies that she first implemented. The one thing that other companies have not copied is that she used to give away pink Cadillacs to her top-earning consultants each year. Pink was her favourite colour.

Mary Kay Ash with 1985 pink Cadillac. (Credit: PR Newswire)

She died on November 22, 2001 in Dallas, Texas. The company that she had created was a worldwide enterprise success. She will be remembered for building a successful business from scratch that created new opportunities for women to achieve financial success.

People are a company’s greatest asset.

– Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay Ash never gave up. She believed in herself and stood for her values so strongly that she made a success of her life and her business and shared that success with her employees which made her business even more successful. Mary Kay didn’t let the unfairness of the business world at that time let her down or stunt her success, she pushed on.

My message to you today? Don’t give up on your dreams or your principles. If you are passionate about something and you strongly believe in it, don’t let anyone hold you back or take it away from you.

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