Unlikely Hero by Sian B. Claven – Book Review

A Space Adventure Series Book 1

Pages: 208
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Space Adventure
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Rereleased with Double the adventure! Unlike any space adventure you’ve ever been on before. Jasy is a Spacehiker, an illegal traveller traipsing across the civilised universe, and she wants nothing more than to make her way here and there on her own. Befriended by a spaceport bar owner, she is enticed with a payout she can’t ignore to escort two strangers to Dark Space.

Little does she know that his is the start of an adventure she is not sure she is ready to have. With Markus and Zara in tow, Jasy must spacehike through galaxies and across planets, all the while evading the nefarious guards and pirates that are out for their blood. Will Jasy’s quick wits and vast space knowledge be enough to get them to safety?



Rating: 4 out of 5.

(Unlikely Hero was gifted to me by the author in order to review it)

My Thoughts

Sian’s writing style was easy to read and very creative. I was intrigued by the story in the first few lines already because of it being different to the normal narrative of where humans fit into the alien world. I enjoyed the storyline of Unlikely Hero because I love a book or movie where the girl kicks butt. I also liked how Jasy was a strong girl but did have her vulnerable side too, which is a good example to women out there. You don’t only have to be a ball buster, you can have a softer side, it doesn’t make you any less of a woman.

Unlikely Hero kept me on the edge of my seat through most of the pages. I am a Star Wars and Star Trek fan and this book has the same vibe. The world that Sian created was very interesting and well described. I could imagine what each planet looked like. And even though the whole space adventure thing has been done many times before, Sian puts her own spin and flavour to it which made it hard to put down.

The protagonist was cool and kick ass but not too over the top. I enjoyed her sarcasm and biting comments and the way she puts Marcus in his place many a time. The only problem I had was that I didn’t fully know her past and what her hopes or aspirations are or what is at her core, so I couldn’t really feel invested in her journey or root for her to reach her goals.

The dialogue was short and to the point. It made the fact that they were almost always in danger and on the run, stand out more. The characters were very interesting and each of the different species that Sian created and detailed had such a distinct difference from each other. Zara seems to have a quiet strength to her that she didn’t even know she had. Marcus seems to think he’s the man in the beginning and I enjoyed it when Jasy put him in his place (as I said before). He was a bit much at times but suited the role he was playing.

The series doesn’t end and you are left with a cliffhanger so if that bothers you, then be warned. I looked at the last page of the book and it seems there are two more books coming in this series. They should be very interesting to read. I am very curious to know what Zara’s secret is. I could feel the tension and stress of being a Spacehiker so much so that I held my breath at certain points of the book. For once, the humans were the problem children and not the weaker and more stupid species.

I do hope though that this series doesn’t have an unhappy ending like all of Sian’s horror books, haha!

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