Something Borrowed by Louisa George – Book Review

Something Borrowed Series Book 1

Pages: 306
Genre: Chick Lit, Romance
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(From Goodreads)

Something old. Something new…?
When Chloe Cassidy is jilted at the altar it’s all her nightmares rolled into one. Her mother is convinced she’s the victim of the family curse. Her sister believes she just hasn’t found The One yet. But Chloe’s not listening; she’s too busy taking her humiliation out on the infuriating best man, Vaughn Brooks.

Three months later, Something Borrowed—her wedding planning business— is failing. In a last ditch attempt to save it, Chloe is forced to swallow her pride, and work with the enemy: too-hot for his own good, award-winning chef Vaughn. She soon realizes the sparks flying between them are nothing to do with their dubious past, but from something else altogether…

This fun perfect summer read features one sizzling chef, a meddling family and a wedding planner who’s given up on love.



Rating: 3 out of 5.

My Thoughts

Louisa has a good writing style that was understandable most of the time. There were a few expressions I didn’t understand but I still understood the story line and the jist of what she was trying to convey. I wasn’t committed to the story immediately, it took me till the fourth chapter to become invested.

The love story was sweet and I enjoyed the way the story progressed. I didn’t understand how Chloe could lose business if her fiancé left her at the alter, or as she calls it, The Jilting. It wasn’t her fault and as a wedding planner you can’t force the groom to love the bride. Also, she apparently can’t stand Vaughn but she jumps to his rescue at the first chance she gets. It’s a little unbelievable.

There are letters being written between Jenna and an apparent friend of hers named Nick that is in the army. There is no forewarning of who Jenna is writing to and receiving letters from or why it is important to the story or who this Nick person is. They just pop up every now and then between chapters. And because I didn’t know the back story it annoyed me a bit.

I think the basic theme of the book is self-healing and finding love. I enjoyed that theme as it’s always good to see people heal and pick themselves up and carry on. I was kept guessing to a certain degree but I did know what the outcome would be for certain story beats. However, it was still enjoyable to read though and kept me reading till two in the morning.

Irritation with her ex-fiancé, Jason was strong. I couldn’t quite understand how she had stayed with such a dumbass. I was irritated with her supposed old friends, especially the one whose wedding she planned and the one that stole her ex (obviously). The romantic side of me was tickled by the romance blooming between Chloe and Vaughn. I enjoyed watching it unfold.

I liked the protagonist most of the time but sometimes I wanted to shake some sense into her. I didn’t relate to her on a personal level with a lot of the things because our personalities are different in many ways. I don’t get why she hates Vaughn when it wasn’t him that left her at the alter and he came to tell her because he wanted to warn her and was just the messenger. In the beginning, I felt like her hatred of him was silly and uncalled for but when she later finds out that he had something to do with the whole story, she forgives him quite easily. I didn’t get that at all.

The dialogue was understandable, except for a few expressions here and there that I didn’t get, as I mentioned earlier. The characters were quirky and mostly believable but there were a few things that irritated me about each of them. For instance, the mom, Bridget, seemed to keep throwing a tantrum when opposed on something and would then confine herself to her bed and be depressed.

There are mild sex scenes, so be warned if that bothers you. Also, she uses God’s name a lot which bothered me very much, so if you are the same, then be warned about that too. This is part of a series, in fact it’s book 1, but the story ends and all the story beats and plots are closed off, nothing is left hanging in the air. The next book in this series is about her sister, Jenna.

I generally enjoyed reading this book and would probably read her others in the series.

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