Trust in Me by Lea Coll – Book Review

All I Want Series Book 4

Pages: 301
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance, Contemporary Romance
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(From Goodreads)

A quiet professor with a bad boy secret side….
Quiet, smart, and totally not my type.
But Professor Sawyer Hudson needs me,
One date, one charity dinner,
To boost his reputation on campus.
I’m going to do it,
Only because I need him too.

But what transpires is completely unexpected.
He’s sexy and rugged with a chiseled body.
Add on his motorcycle and his dirty bedroom talk,
And I am putty in his hands.

But men can’t be loyal or trusted,
And I am not about to trust a man like him.

She’s too impulsive,
Too outgoing,
And too incredibly loud.
I’d never date anyone like Stella Lewis.
But right now, she’s exactly what I need.
After all, my boss told me to socialize more if I wanted a promotion.
I need all of her tricks to seduce a crowd,
And maybe, I’ll seduce her in the end.
It’ll be a win-win.

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

My Thoughts

Lea’s writing style was easy to read and follow, which means that I could still continue reading it in the early hours of the morning. I became committed to the story from about the eighth chapter. From there on, I didn’t want to put it down.

I liked the fact that Stella is a journalist and doing a course for students on journalism even though she is dyslexic and ADHD. It gives someone in the same situation a sense of hope if they don’t allow it to get them under and they grab life with both hands without feeling less than what they are. The love story between Stella and Sawyer was enjoyable and fun to read.

I appreciated that Stella had good friends to depend on and how she worked through her personal issues of rejection and decided to let her friends in. That fact that she projected her past onto her current situation with Sawyer and then him being innocent of all wrong doing was synonymous with real life and how people are that have been damaged by past experiences.

From what I could tell, the theme of the book was about Stella finding who she really is when she’s not conforming to a man’s whims or personality. It’s also about finding her feet and believing in love again and believing that there are good men out there. And obviously, there’s a love story involved as well.

I was kept guessing a lot of the time as to what was going to happen next, especially with the history department drama. I mostly liked Stella but she got on my nerves when she kept creating dramas in her head before they’ve even happened or before she knows the facts. I don’t enjoy people like that, they are exhausting.

Sometimes I didn’t know who was talking in the beginning of the book because it wasn’t stated. Otherwise, the dialogue was easy to read most of the time. I enjoyed Sawyer because he is the strong silent type and seems to suit Stella very well. He is the calm to her chaos and vice versa. Her friends were great but they didn’t have any real distinctive personality differences that stood out to me. Overall, I liked the characters though.

The sex scenes where quite graphic so if that bothers you, then you need to be warned. This book is part of a series and it’s book number four. The story ends with Stella and Sawyer’s love story and the next book is about other characters introduced in this book.

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