Hayley Joy Creations

Interview with a Fashion Designer

A little about Hayley Joy Creations

Hayley Joy is a size inclusive fashion boutique, which specializes in designing and producing Odd and Plus Size clothing, for women of all shapes. We use a revolutionary sizing system, unique to our brand, that is equivalent to (the traditional) generous small all the way up to 7XL. We’re a walk-in boutique in Dunkeld West, Johannesburg and we also offer our Plus Size collections on our online store. Our extensive collection of Plus Size styles, includes Plus Size pants, skirts, tops, camisoles, jackets, leggings, leisurewear, activewear, maternity wear, dresses and evening wear. Her motto is Real Fashion for Real Women In The Real World.

Hayley Joy Weinberg is a passionate woman. She is passionate about dressing fuller figured woman beautifully and printing her own fabric so that her clothing is unique. I did an interview with Hayley which can be seen on my YouTube channel. I will link it below. The video is quite long ad you may want to watch it in broken up pieces but it will be well worth the watch because Hayley gives quite a few tips on business and how to make it in the fashion world.

I will not be repeating everything here on the blog because it will then be a long blog but please do go and watch it on YouTube. I am adding a few photos below that are not on the video so that you can see her clothes in action.

These are the tags that Hayley puts on her clothes to show the sizes so that you don’t actually see what the size is. This helps the ladies feel a little better about themselves.
Even though Hayley enjoys great success, she is still a friendly and open person.
What Hayley stands for.

You can see from the photos that Hayley’s clients love their outfits so much that they are not shy in showing it off. Hayley is truly an inspiration and a blessing to all women that have a little more body to their bones. Hayley is also internationally available and has many clients in other countries.

You can find her at the following places:

WhatsApp : 072 784 4587

Website: www.hayleyjoy.com

Email: hayley@hayleyjoy.co.za

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