Being a Feminist

And Still Being a Good Wife (And a Busted Myth For Men)


/ˈfɛmənɪst/ noun
1. a person who supports feminism.
1. relating to or supporting feminism.


/ˈfɛmɪnɪz(ə)m/ noun
1. the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

It seems that some people have changed the definition of what a feminist is to their own version and its because of those woman that proper feminists struggle with finding love, marriage, a family and their place in society. It seems that some believe that for you to be a feminist and a ‘strong woman’, you need to be ‘the man in the house’ or that you need to step on men to get somewhere in life.

Due to this belief, they go out of their way to emasculate a man and make him feel unworthy as a man. I want to tell you that you can still be a strong woman and a feminist and support your husband as the head of the home. Another myth that needs to be busted is that for the man to be the Biblical head of the home, he needs to earn more than his wife, be employed, fix everything himself, dominate his wife and act like a general caveman. This is extremely untrue and because of this lie, many men that earn less than their wives or are unemployed, feel like they aren’t the head of the home when, in actual fact, they still are.

The head of the home is one who tries to make sure his family is running smoothly. He makes sure the spiritual health of his family is good. He is a support system to his wife and children. And he works with his wife to make sure the house is safe and happy. The man of the house is emotionally available to his wife and realizes that they are a team and neither one dominates the other.

So how can a feminist that has a strong personality, still be a good wife? Easy! A feminist (as you saw in the dictionary definition above) believes in equality between the sexes, this means that you can still stand by your husband, cook, clean and help make him the man that God wants him to be because it won’t take away from your beliefs or your strength. You can be your husbands biggest cheerleader and it won’t even dent your feminism. We need to stop allowing the media the skew our view on what we stand for. I have a quote that I say often which I’ll put below:

Marriage is a partnership. It should be the two of you, with God, against the world. Not the two of you against each other because you come from Venus and he’s from Mars. Just because you are so different, doesn’t mean you need to be at war with each other. Also remember, respect is earned. You can’t claim respect just because you’re a man or a woman. As a woman, you also don’t have to be a ball buster in order to gain respect (contrary to what the world tells you). “A gracious woman gains respect,” Proverbs 11:16. What does gracious mean? Well, according to Google, it means being courteous, kind and pleasant, especially towards someone of lower status and in Christian belief it means showing divine grace.

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I believe woman were created to be brilliant and not to stand in the shadows behind a man, but to stand next to him as a united front. I believe that woman have a unique, God-given power, I believe that we are powerful in our own right. Just look at all the mighty women of the Bible which were strong women of worth that stood their ground, didn’t let anyone walk over them but were gracious. Even Gloria Steinam did not believe in stepping on men to get to where she wanted to go. She just wanted equal rights for woman everywhere and was willing to bravely make a stand for it.

The only way for us to be set free from the darkness of deception is to have the light of the Truth in our lives.

I am a strong woman. I do the budget and handle the finances in our household, not because I want to dominate my husband and take his place as the head of the home, but because it is not his strength. I also do not make him feel inferior due to that fact. He has many other strengths. We compliment each other in that where he is weak, I am strong and where he is strong, I am weak. We support each other and we are each other’s biggest cheerleaders and fans. We believe in each other and we don’t bad mouth each other or talk down to each other. And yet, I am still a feminist. I still believe in equality for woman and that we matter and so does our opinions and that we can do just as well in the business world as a man.

Yes, we sometimes joke that the other can’t do something because of their gender but it’s usually done in a humorous light. I know from personal experience that you can be a strong woman and a feminist and still be a good wife to your husband. Don’t let the world or the devil deceive you.

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