My Random Ramblings for October 2021

I went to the library the other day and I was looking for certain books that I don’t want to have to pay over R500 for and that I’m not going to use often again. They did not have one of the books that I wanted for Adwords or the book about writing Chick Lit. It’s also not because the library is small, it’s three floors of books.

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I asked the librarian why they don’t have books like those and they say that it has to be donated to them, they don’t get them otherwise. I would think that the government would put money aside so that the libraries can get a copy of different books. There are so many books about Google Adwords, they only need to have two of them available. Sadly, reading and education are at such a low standard.

My daughter commented that maybe people don’t use the library anymore, but when I was there, every table and chair was taken by people reading and studying. Also, not everyone can afford to buy books and that includes children, teenagers, and parents of two or more children. Some people are unemployed, especially lately but they still want to be able to read a book by their favourite author. People still use the library, that is for sure.

I stood in this library and soaked up the smell of books and the nerd in me was a very happy little nerd. Yes, I’m a weird nerd and I’m proud of it. I wanted to buy a candle the other day that is scented like a book or library and almost fell on my back. It was R440 for one medium-sized candle. I also wanted to get a Cinnamon flavoured candle but that was just as much. Seriously?

Stuff costs so much lately and it amazes me that people pay those prices. I try to make my products as little as possible, that I’m hardly making a profit so that I can get it sold and so that people can afford it but I seem to be one of the only ones doing that. Everyone else out there is playing a game of ‘how high can you go?’ Oh yes, on that note! Please remember to order your copy of the 2022 Planner, desk calendar, and the A4 and A5 notebooks before the new year starts.

That’s it from me for now…

Thank you for listening to my semi-rant. I will spare you and stop now.

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Enjoy the moments

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