Canva for Authors

Canva can help you create almost anything for your author’s journey. Ads, engagement images, book covers, bookmarks, social media covers, Pinterest pins, Instagram story’s, business cards, and LinkedIn profiles. And if you have a YouTube channel, you can create thumbnails, channel art, and even a video for your channel. For those bloggers out there, like me, you can create blog covers.

Canva is one of the websites that I use the most. It is addictive. I also use Canva to create phone wallpapers. I will be sharing them with you one of these days.

You have a free option and a paid option but the free option doesn’t have access to everything. You can also make copies of your posts so that you can keep your aesthetic the same and it will also save you time. They have photos and elements available to you, but you can also use your own or you can get photos off Pixabay.

Once you’ve logged into Canva, you can choose what type of project you would like to do. Or, you can make a copy of one of your saved projects or you can choose one of your saved projects if you want to edit it.

You can choose a project from their list or if you don’t see it on the list, you can search it. You can see above that I searched for ‘book cover’ and it opened a whole lot of templates for me to choose from. You will notice that some say free and some have a crown on which means you need to be on the paid plan. Then there are others that you can pay for. You can also choose the blank template and do your own thing if you know what you want to do.

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I chose a template for the purposes of this blog post. I am now going to change a few elements to make it my own, like the wording. You can also change the font type, the font size, etc.

If you click on the element that you would like to change, you will then be able to make your changes, or if there are graphics being used and you want to change the graphics used.

On this screenshot, you can see that I have changed the wording and the photo. To change the photo to one that you have or that you got from Pixabay or any other photo website, you can click on ‘Upload’ and then ‘Upload media’. You then pull the image over into your piece of work.

This is the Pixabay site. There are photos of mine on there too. You can search my profile if you would like to have a look. To see what they have you can scroll down or you can search for a specific theme. I searched ‘love’ for this book cover.

And this is the finished cover. It was quick and easy and didn’t take much effort. Now, it is always good to get a professional to make your cover for you if you can afford it, but if you can’t, then this is the next best option. If you don’t yet have Canva, then you can click here to sign up.

Do you already use Canva? Are you loving it?

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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