My Boho Favourites at Home

Being Bohemian myself, I love the Boho look in my home. I haven’t been able to do exactly what I would like to do but I have to keep my family in mind because they are not Boho. I have, however, added a few elements that show my personal style and taste. I thought I would share them and where you can find them.

There are several elements I still want to add. For example, I have a large cream-coloured, second-hand couch in my lounge and would like to put a throw over it, but I am looking for a certain one. I have also been looking for the material because I thought that if I can’t find what I’m looking for, then I’ll just make it myself.

Anyway, without further ado, let me show you my favourites.


I got these glass holders with rose gold lids at Crazy Plastics. I also got the tray that they are standing in from Crazy Plastics but it was a dark grey when I bought it. I bought a can of Rustoleum Copper spray from Builders warehouse and sprayed it copper. The chalkboard stickers came from Crazy Plastics or West Pack (I can’t remember now). I wrote on the labels with a white chalk marker which I got from the Crazy Store in a pack.

These bottles I’ve had for years. I haven’t been able to find these blue bottles again but you can look at your nearest Liquor store for a bottle you like (and preferably something you are willing to drink or get someone else to drink, haha). I then got glass stones from Crazy Store and used my glue gun to glue them on. The plate used to be a brown lobster plate. I painted, mosaiced, and grouted it. I added a stand and that is how it came out. The vase behind it is not completely in the shot because it’s not one of my favourites yet. I want to change it first. The glass bowl with the gemstones I got from my gran but you could probably find it at a thrift shop. The gemstones are from a scratch patch.

I got these holders with their rose gold lids from Crazy Plastics as well. I also got the tray that they standing in from Crazy Plastics and it too was a dark grey when I bought it. I used the same copper Rustoleum spray that I got from Builders to spray that. I couldn’t put chalkboard stickers on these bottles because they are not smooth. I have these oval wooden blanks that I got from people that used to sell their wooden blanks in my shop. I sprayed two of them with chalkboard paint and used a silver permanent Koki to write on them. I then glued it on with my glue gun. And voila!


I got these two hurricane lamps from my cousin, but you can buy them at Mr. Price Home because I have seen them there. The ceramic stand came from my mom which she got at a flea market. The glass jug is from my gran but you could probably get it at a thrift or antique shop. The stone came from our garden.

I got the candle holder from my cousin with the hurricane lamps. I made the candle inside the candle holder myself from old candles and I added Cinnamon and orange scenting to it. I got the bowl from my gran but you can also find it at a thrift store or antique shop. I’m sure you will find most items from a home décor store as well but it may be a little more expensive. I filled it with sand from Namibia and crystals and gemstones. Some are from Namibia and some are from South Africa. The large glass jug comes from a thrift store and the small one comes from my gran. I filled them both with gemstones, pebbles, and shells. The gemstones come from scratch patches, the pebbles are from the Crazy Store and the shells are from a beach or beach shop.

You can get a bottle of some alcohol at a liquor store. Look for beautiful bottles to use. I am always on the lookout for beautiful bottles. I got some of these stones from Crazy Store. The big stone on the one bottle I got from Value & Co. The metal holder with the candle in I got from my gran but you can also find it at a thrift store, antique shop, or a Boho store. You can even look at Mr. Price Home or any other home stores. The small glass incense holder I bought at a flea market many years ago but you can find different ones on Amazon, a thrift store, or even an antique shop.

Like the others, I haven’t been able to find these bottles anymore but look for other bottles at your local liquor store or in your own stash. I got the glass stones from the Crazy Store. I glued them on with a glue gun. The glass jar I got from my gran but you can also find something similar at a charity shop or antique shop. You can also look at other home stores. I can’t remember where I got the small glass bottle from that has marbles in but you can look at Crazy Plastics or West Pack, they have a few different bottles there. The marbles I got from Crazy Store. For the candle, I used a wine glass that belonged to my Ouma and it was made at the same time as the other big candle.

I made the glass photo plate myself. You can watch a video here to see how to do it. The berry crown was my crown from my first wedding. You should be able to get the fake berries from a flower place or Value & Co. I got the glass jar at a thrift store in Bredasdorp when I was living there. I have filled it with pebbles and shells. I got the pebbles from Crazy Store and the shells come from different beaches.

I got the metal tray from my gran, as well as the small genie metal jug and the large wooden box behind the tray. The blue glass bottle came from a flea market, the stone is from our garden and the other odds and ends are from different places. You can fill the tray with things of your choice. The small wooden holder was a gift to my husband from our son-in-law. You can get any of these items from a flea market or a thrift or antique shop.

The two different metal bowls came from my gran. The wine glass was from my Ouma. The candles were all made at the same time as the others. The red vase that looks like a flower bud also came from my gran. I bought the ‘crystal ball’ as a joke when I was working for a bank so I could tell the mobile consultants that I just needed to check my crystal ball when they left vital info out of applications for customers, haha! They didn’t think I was funny. I thought it was hilarious! You can also get any of these items from a flea market or a thrift or antique shop.

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I bought the black holder from Crazy Store but it was blue. I spray-painted it black and removed the pegs. I had previously made crystal hanging pieces for my shop window and I had kept them. I took those and hung them from the black holder. I also hung them from two other separate hooks in the ceiling. The feathers are from a craft shop. I also got the gut and string from a craft shop.


The wooden chest was brought to me by my aunt but it was originally my mom’s when she was married to my dad. The large Bible is a family heirloom from many, many years ago and the small Bible was my gran’s Bible. The jewellery box in the middle comes from a flea market but I got it from my mom. I’m sure you will also find it at a Boho home décor shop or jewellery shop. This area is not done yet but it is already one of my favourites. The heirloom Bible is from Ireland.

My Office

Shockingly, the only Boho thing in my office that I can currently show you is this beautiful bead hanging decoration. I bought it from my aunt when she had a stall at a night market in December. I am still busy with the rest of my new little office. When I’m done, I will give you a small tour.

After doing this post I realized just how many items I got from my gran. I never really thought about it before. You will also notice that most things are either made by me or a family member or it comes from a family member. I rarely buy items of décor unless something really grabs my attention. Plus, have you seen how much Boho décor items cost? You need to sell your soul if you want to buy some of the items out there!

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments

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