The Fox Blood Series by Raquel Lyon

A Brush With the Moon by Raquel Lyon

(From My Latest Reading List in June 2020)

About the book

Sophie’s finally happy. Away from home & back with her best friend, she’s doing the one thing in the world she loves, art. Life’s perfect, or is it? Something’s strange about her new home. People are dying; an old house pulls her towards its doors. Sophie’s changing too; is it the recent fox bite? All becomes clear when she meets the seductive Sebastian and learns his family’s secret.

My thoughts

I loved the way that Raquel build a world that had me wandering around it and not wanting to leave. I loved the characters and the different relationship dynamics and how they all worked together. Worldbuilding is definitely her niche. The world was basically the same as the traditional fantasy world that most authors use but different in somehow.

The only problem I had was that none of the storylines came to fruition in this book which left me a little frustrated and in the air. Usually, when an author does that, I won’t buy the next book out of principle but I couldn’t resist. I read this book in 11 hours, I struggled to put it down, even at 3 am this morning.

Another note to this book…I thought that the blurb didn’t fully give the book justice. It was very vague. I actually got this book because of the cover and not the blurb.

Rise of the Hellion by Raquel Lyon

About the book

Something’s stalking Sophie and it’s not just her boyfriend’s cute cousin.

Continuing the story from A Brush with the Moon, Sophie is settled in her new life. Things are going well. She’s enjoying university life and her newly found independence. That is…until her mother’s unwelcome arrival!
Her love life has certainly improved, but that has brought about its own complications. Her new boyfriend, Sebastian, is not human and, as if that weren’t enough, his cousin, Connor, won’t take no for an answer. Sophie must decide which is stronger, her loyalty to Sebastian or her growing feelings for Connor.

And love is not Sophie’s only battle. Pulled from a life of obscurity and chosen to succeed a dying Goddess, the girl that arrived in Fosswell is no longer visible. Along with her new power and appearance changes, Sophie now has to contend with unwanted nighttime transformations. Can she learn to control the animal inside? More to the point, can she hide the supernatural world from her mother?

The death count in Fosswell is mounting and when someone she knows is found dead and someone she loves gets the blame, Sophie is determined to find out the truth. Unfortunately, the truth is sometimes something we don’t want to hear.

My thoughts

Once again I lost myself in the world created by Raquel. I got very few answers to all the questions from book 1 and then had even more questions now in book 2.

The storylines did not reach any type of ending which has left me frustrated and in the air again. I am concerned that if I get book 3, my questions about all the story beats that were left in the air, will still not be answered.

The story is brilliant though and still had me hooked for a few hours.

Fall From Grace by Raquel Lyon

About the book

Girl or goddess? Sophie has a decision to make.

With the supernatural world in a state of unrest, and her feelings for Connor intensifying, Sophie’s life is out of control. She needs to get it back. But no matter how hard she tries, her desire to do what is right is faltering.
Life is complicated.

Is the chance of happiness really worth destroying her future?
One thing is certain. To realize her destiny, she must leave behind everything she loves.

My thoughts

Didn’t like the way she suddenly only wanted Con and suddenly not Seb. I could understand loving both and not wanting to lose either, but you don’t even see her struggle with her feelings for both, she zones straight into Con. My impression of her changes without me even noticing and makes her look a bit cheap.

I’m disappointed with how it ended. It was an anti-climax. Even though I enjoyed the world that Raquel had built, I was glad to leave it behind after book 3 which is not how it should work. I was actually angry at the end of reading the book.

Not all questions were answered and not all story lines where ended off. It feels like there should be another book with explanations.

I gave book 1 & 2 of this series a 4/5 star rating.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I gave book 3 of this series a 3/5 star rating.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Have you heard about this book? Would you like to read it?
What do you think about it?

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