Fat Girl by K.L. Montgomery

(From My Latest Reading List in May 2020, Part 2)

About the book

Claire Sterling wants a new body to go along with her new life.

She’s used to roller coasters. Her weight has been on one for years, and now her entire life is flying off the track. Divorcing in the wake of her husband’s affair, moving back home to the Delaware beaches, landing her dream writing gig, braving the online dating world, and facing the big 4-0 are enough to make anyone’s head spin. Claire knows her future happiness depends on her ability to reinvent herself. But one fear is standing in her way: that she’s forever destined to be a fat girl.

My thoughts

The negative part first…sometimes the ‘descriptions’ get a little too much, they’re in almost every line. Although, even though they are quite a lot, they are quite brilliant too.

Now for the positive… Fat Girl had me laughing and giggling so often that I felt uplifted after reading it. I even found myself reading slower so that it didn’t finish too quickly.

I love how K.L. Montgomery wrote a body-positive book without being depressing or offensive. I enjoyed the pieces that were from her column and I absolutely loved the way the book was written as a blog.

Being a ‘Fat girl’ myself, I could understand how she felt. The constant fight between wanting to be better, but not wanting to actually do the exercise to get there. Loving food to the point of no return and having to have serious discussions with yourself to put the caramel down! Remind yourself that you need to stop wishing and make it happen!

I felt like I learned something after reading this book, even though it wasn’t a self-help book. Well done K.L. Montgomery, well done indeed!

I gave this book a 4/5 star rating.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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