The Fae Prophecy Series by Toni Cox

Full Series Review

Pages: 689 in total
Genre: Fantasy / Young Adult

My Thoughts That are the Same for the Whole Series

Toni Cox’s writing style is easy to read and the story flowed very nicely. I became committed to the story immediately because it hit the road running and I couldn’t stop reading. I read books 1 and 2 in one night when I pulled an all-nighter and finished them both. By the following night, I had almost finished reading book 3. The storyline for each book was very good and I enjoyed the fact that the princess saved the characters and people often. I also liked that the princess had issues that she was dealing with and her inner monologue was very well written. She often got ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and as an author and creative, I felt her pain.

The world that the author created was beautiful and dangerous. Toni’s world-building made me feel like I was there, in the action and between the trees and ferns of Wiltera and Raven Hill. The details she gives of the different forests, the human world, and all the different places they went, helped me to see it in my mind’s eye. Draeguard could have maybe used a little more building but I think that the fact that it had been attacked and damaged so often, was the reason she didn’t give too many details there. I think she wanted it to feel broken and distant. I enjoyed getting lost in the world that she created.

The dialogue was easy to follow and I enjoyed the discussions between all the characters. The mind games and the secrets had me on edge as much as they did for the characters, especially Dana. All the main characters were written well. I did sometimes get irritated with Dana and the decisions that she made but that is all part of making the character feel real and relatable. The characters each had depth and different personalities and ways of doing things. One warning to those that enjoy a series but like each book in the series to come to a close, this one does not do that. You will need to read the whole series to find out what happens and fully enjoy it. I would suggest buying the whole series as a package deal if it’s available for you.

Fae Prophecy – Book 1

Book Summary

(From Goodreads)

Dark magic threatens the Fae kingdom of Draeguard and the king stands accused of treason.
Forced to flee, Princess Dana must now discover the source of her mysterious powers, the truth about her birth, and how to get along with a sworn enemy – a Shifter.

My Thoughts

I loved this storyline. The princess wakes up to chaos and we are immediately thrown into the disaster happening in the Fae Kingdom. Through the story we walk with Dana that lived a sheltered life up until that point and now had to learn to be brave and fend for herself. She also had to learn about the world outside of Draeguard. She had to escape the life she always knew and had to learn to connect with her strange new magic and learn to control it.

Dana had to put her trust in people that she didn’t really know and at first, the road was very rocky. The characters all played their roles very well and I felt like I was actually getting to deal with each one myself. And the lies…don’t get me started but it gets worse in book 2.

Fae Unrest – Book 2

Book Summary

(From Goodreads)

Princess Dana’s father is back on the throne, but the constant attacks of dark magic undermine his rulership. With the dark elves now in possession of some of the moonstones, the balance of power has shifted.

Desperate, Princess Dana once again seeks the help of the witch and the wolf shifter, but she can’t always be certain if they are friend or foe.

Her only hope to save the kingdom is to return the moonstones to the fae palace but to do so requires that they travel to the enchanted forest of Raven Hall.

Forest wolves, malicious plants, and a gryphon turn this into a perilous journey.

My Thoughts

Princess Dana is something special and her magic is brilliant. She’s getting stronger. But just as she’s starting to come to terms with this new magic, she’s thrown a curveball and told that she’s the ‘Child of Prophecy’ and that has everybody freaking out even more. In this installment, she also faces off against a very powerful elf and almost dies. She did give him a run for his money though. I’m proud of Dana in this book and I’m really glad that the other characters came to help her. The poor princess had to keep dodging the close-minded Fae council and mages that wanted to keep her under lock and key. There is a figurative bomb that gets dropped at the end of book 2 but I kind of expected it.

Fae Uprising – Book 3

Book Summary

(From Goodreads)

A long-kept secret changes the face of the kingdom of Draeguard, and Princess Dana faces yet more life-altering decisions.

Although Arianna has returned to the fae kingdom and pledged her allegiance, her presence there is more problematic than Dana could ever have imagined.

The dark elves, livid at their defeat in the woods, summon a secret weapon, and ready themselves for battle, resuming their attacks on the country of Wiltera.

Desperate for help, the fae princess leaves the magical realm and steps into the human world.

A price on her head, deceit, and assassination all threaten the success of her quest.

My Thoughts

Wow! This installment of the series had me on tenterhooks! I really enjoyed how Dana’s magic is still getting stronger and developing in new ways and enjoyed how she showed the wolves who’s boss. I did see the whole ‘relationship’ thing between Thomas and Dana coming but I’m happy about it. They make a good team and I hope it stays that way to the end. The whole fight at the end was very entertaining! I almost stopped breathing when I was reading the last few pages. Now I really want to know what is going to happen next!

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Fae Conquest – Book 4

Book Summary

(From Goodreads)

The fae kingdom has suffered the most significant loss after the last fight with the dark elves.

After a personal attack on Princess Dana, she decides to take matters into her own hands. No longer does she believe that the kingdom of Draeguard will be able to save Wiltera.

It is now up to her to return the stones to the fae and to enact the new laws as she promised the country.

With a ragtag army of legendaries, she marches forth to fulfill her prophecy.

My Thoughts

Wow again! That is the best word I can think of right now. Book 4 was absolutely brilliant! The way everything came together. Dana evolved and got stronger through each book and it flowed together so beautifully. The relationships she was building and the new people in her life made the story all the more fascinating! I struggled to put the book down and would read until the early hours of the morning, chanting ‘just one more chapter’.

There was so much action happening and it rarely stopped. For some, it may have felt rushed but if you read the series and understood it, then you will know that it was rushed because they had a deadline that was time-sensitive and it helped me feel the urgency of the situation. Even Dana would comment that she wished they could have a break. The fast-paced adventure had me on the edge of my seat all the time and when the series ended I felt like I was coming off a high. Something I believe the author did intentionally as well.

Dana blushes quite easily and she was a little lost on what to do in relationships but I had to remind myself that she was only just sixteen and she had lived a sheltered life up until the point at which the book started. I think people may forget that she’s a teenager still trying to figure life out. One thing I would have added at the end is an Epilogue so that we could know what happened to Dana’s relationship with Thomas and Damon. I would have liked to know the details.

The way Dana’s magic evolved and what she became in the end…awesome! This series was definitely worth the money paid for it and more and Toni Cox still remains in the top 5 of my favourite authors and my absolute favourite South African author. I think it would make for a brilliant movie or movies! And the covers… they are stunning! I read this series on my Kindle app but I will definitely be looking at getting the paperbacks so that I can add these beautiful books to my bookshelf so that I can show them off on #Bookstagram on Instagram. I would recommend these books to anyone that likes to read Fantasy and Young Adult books with witches, Fae, wolves, and vampire elves in them.


5/5 for each book

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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