Bet Me by Lila Monroe

Lucky in Love Series Book 2

Pages: 245
Genre: Romantic Comedy / Chick Lit / Women’s Fiction / Contemporary Romance

Book Summary

(From Goodreads)

What happens when your sex strike goes viral – and suddenly every man in town has their eye on your prize?

All I wanted was a little old-fashioned romance. After a parade of Tinder disasters who think chivalry is giving me a pearl necklace on the first date, I made a pledge: until guys step up their game, this girl is off the market.

But one bottle of chardonnay later, and my drunken rant has gone viral. I’m the most famous person NOT having sex since the Jonas Brothers put on their purity rings. A men’s magazine has even put a bounty on my (ahem) maidenhead: fifty Gs to whoever makes me break the drought.

Be careful what you wish for… Now my office looks like an explosion in a Hallmark factory, I’ve got guys lining up to sweep me off my feet – and the one man I want is most definitely off-limits. Jake Weston is a player through and through. He’s also the only one who sees through the mayhem to the real me, but how can I trust he’s not just out to claim the glory?

And how will I make it through the strike without scratching the itch – especially when that itch looks so damn good out of his suit?



Rating: 4 out of 5.

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My Thoughts

Lila has a brilliant and funny writing style. She had me giggling at her sarcastic remarks and dry humour right through the book! I was at first not committed to the story because the first page already had ‘in your face’ sex talk on it but I decided to persevere and then I couldn’t put it down.

The storyline was funny and I haven’t read anything like it before. The whole thing where a bounty is put on her is just brilliant. I woke my husband a few times snorting with laughter, especially when ‘Jacob’ passes out between her legs and she hopes he was not dead! Lila has a serious sense of humour and I loved it!

I must admit that I never really knew what was going to happen next, except when it was obvious. Which is what also kept me hooked. Lila explained the town and its surroundings very well. I could imagine everything in my head which made me feel like I was there. I really felt for Lizzie because I get what she was going through. I sometimes look at men these days and I’m happy I’m not dating anymore. I was rooting for her all the way and I wanted her to find her happily ever after…with Jake (obviously).

The dialogue was brilliant and very funny (yes, I do sound like a stuck record but it was funny, okay). The only thing I struggled with was how much God’s name is used and the hectic sex talk and the ‘p’ word which I absolutely hate! Other than that Lila had me in stitches with the normal dialogue as well as the inner dialogue.

All the characters were written very well. I enjoyed Jake and his inner turmoil while trying to keep things professional. I enjoyed Della which is Lizzie’s best friend and her husband, Zach. I laughed when he went on strike as well and I definitely saw why he wanted to. All the other characters that trickled in and out rounded out the story beautifully.

What I should warn the reader about is that if you don’t like reading hectic sex scenes then this book might make you feel heavy uncomfortable. God’s name is also used often which I did not like at all. This book is part of a series and the series name is Lucky in Love. This is book 2. The wonderful thing about this series is that each book is about different characters so the story comes to a close and is wrapped up neatly with a bow at the end of the book. I loved that fact! I would definitely recommend this book if you want to have a good laugh, have all the romantic feels, and if you’re okay with the warnings I gave.

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