Taming Curly Hair… Well, Sort Of!

I have B3 curls and sometimes they are difficult to handle but it used to be a lot worse before I started doing these new things to try and get them to behave themselves. If you have naturally curly hair, then you will know that it rarely behaves itself and is usually trying very hard to be an afro! I have never been someone that liked big hair, so I have always tried to make my hair flatter, haha, no such luck!

My hair told me to get knotted and educated and that is what I had to do. My hair does not like me when I try and tame it directly, I have to use sneaky ways to get it to be a little more tamed. It will never be fully tamed though unless you blow wave it. But then if it’s raining in the province or county next to yours, your hair will let you know! I hope this video helps you to handle your curls a little better.

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