A Kiss and A Dare by Charlene Raddon

Pages: 284
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy Romance / Romance / Historical Romance / Fairytale Romance
Warnings: God’s name was used at times / sexual acts were mentioned but not followed through.
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Book Summary

At last, Garen McTaggart’s lifelong dream of owning a castle is coming true, but not without certain… impediments. He must complete the renovations on time and marry the owner’s granddaughter, Leeza Cantrell, or all will be lost.

Everything appears to be on track—until Garen lies down for a nap in a lush little garden he discovers. There, in an instant, his life changes forever.

It all has to do with a frog, a dragonfly, a newt, and a witch.

Garen is left in a pickle of a situation. On the one hand, he can have everything he ever wanted, including the right woman. On the other hand, having her will cost him all he has—the castle, his business, and his reputation. His… fiancée.

Is true love worth losing everything? What’s a man to do?

Find out in this sweet, whimsical fantasy.



Rating: 4 out of 5.

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My Thoughts

I was gifted this book by the author and bookreviewerdatabase.com. Thank you to them for sending me the book to read and review.

The authors writing style is interesting. I was committed to the story relatively quickly and wondered what was going to happen to all the characters directly involved. The storyline was brilliant and I enjoyed that it reminded me of different fairytales. Like Princess and the frog and even a little bit of Cinderella.

I started to feel anxious for Gwenlyn’s future at one point when it felt like Garen wasn’t seeing the light. A kiss and a dare kept me guessing and I was surprised by many of the revelations. The world that the author created sounded beautiful and I was able to see it in my mind’s eye. The protagonist sounded sweet and lovely. I chuckled at some of her confusion with modern terms and technology.

I know Charlene put all the words and names at the beginning of the book but when you read it digitally, it’s difficult to keep go checking. I was getting confused with all the names the one guy, Garen was being called. I often had to make sure they weren’t speaking of someone else. And he’s not the only one. Being a normal English-speaking person, I, unfortunately, found it difficult to understand a lot of the dialogue and words in this book. This meant that I read and didn’t know what some of the words meant but kept reading without understanding which I usually don’t like doing.

All the characters were interesting and I enjoyed Rance’s sarcastic cowboy personality. This is a standalone novel. I was sorry when the story ended because I enjoyed escaping to the world that Charlene had created.

I would recommend A Kiss and A Dare to anyone that loves romances with a historical, magical and fairytale feeling to them. I enjoyed reading this book even with not understanding all of the dialogue.

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