Age-old Enemies by Danielle Paquette-Harvey

Longing Mates Series Book 1

Pages: 432
Genre: Paranormal Vampire Romance | Fairytale Fantasy | Romance | Enemies to lovers
Warnings: Used God’s name | Sexual Content
Purchase: Amazon

Book Summary

“I heard my wolf call to me. She wanted me to go to him. But I told her to stop, she must be wrong. That man kidnapped me. He was the enemy. He was a vampire, for god’s sake! Why was I so attracted to him?”

A powerful, alluring vampire prince. The strong daughter of the Alpha. Born enemies, tied by an unbreakable bond.

Assassins are lurking. The book of secrets has been stolen. The peace treaty is broken. It’s the dawn of a new war between werewolves and vampires. The nymphs’ lands will be once more stained with blood.

Kate is Alpha’s daughter, living with her pack and hoping to find her mate. She knows that werewolves and vampires have always been age-old enemies, even though she’s never met a vampire. Everything is perfect in her life until that fateful night.

Damien, heir to the vampire’s throne, must find the werewolves’ heirloom to gain an advantage in the war. Little did he know that this simple task would change his life forever in more ways than he thought.

What do you do when your captor becomes the object of your desires? What happens when his seductive touch ignites a fire within you?

War is unforgiving, and fate is cruel, but love always finds a way.



Rating: 4 out of 5.

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My Thoughts

Enemies to lovers is always a firm favourite genre. It’s probably because it reminds us that love conquers all. The story was easy to read even though the book needs to be edited again as there are several issues throughout the book. I’m not sure if it’s because I was reading it in PDF format, but the spacing was way out and page numbers were in the middle of the pages. The first letter of every new chapter was not where it was supposed to be. It was a little confusing. Danielle also changes from past to present tense all the time. Other than that, her style was a cozy read.

I was committed to the story quickly because it started off with a good hook. I really enjoyed the storyline. The fact that vampires and werewolves could be mates was an intriguing twist. The story kept me guessing most of the time, but there were a few things that I was able to predict.

The world that Danielle created was vivid and I was able to lose myself in that world while reading.
Kate and Damien were a cute couple. I enjoyed how they first didn’t know what was happening to them when they were mesmerized by each other. I enjoyed their love story. The dialogue was mostly easy to read except for all the grammatical errors.

All the other characters really made the story come to life. Arius, Will, Zach and all the rest made for a riveting story. Their personalities were not vividly different but it still worked well. This is book 1 in a series. Kate and Damien’s love story is completed but the story ends on a cliffhanger with a lead-in to book 2, A Beloved Sin. Danger is almost upon them.

I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys reading enemy to lover’s stories. Or romances and stories about vampires, werewolves and other magical creatures.

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