YouTube Video Edit

With this service, you would give me your raw footage and inform me what you would like from the video and I will edit it for you. This means I will remove any parts that need to be removed, add wording if need be and add music if need be. I can also do your opening sequence, but you would need to give me a detailed design brief for that and it’s a separate cost. I can make your video fast forward through certain area’s or slow down in others.

Editing Cost: R400 per video

Opening Sequence Cost: R500 per sequence

I have embedded three of my latest video’s on my YouTube channel below in order for you to see some of my work from my own channel. I don’t need a lot of writing on my video’s but I am able to add that as well.

If you would like to hire me, please complete the ‘Contact me’ page and I will email you back.

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