My Denim Throw DIY

This is a short one today. I saw these denim throws on Pinterest and I wanted one so badly that I decided to make one. I had been keeping all my old denim because I wanted to try my hand at a denim quilt, so I had the denim that I needed for the throw. I had to go and buy the fake fur for the other side of the throw and I bought it at Chamdors in Deco Park, North Riding.

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I had many trials and tribulations with the throw and I learned many things if I attempt it again. I probably will attempt it though because I already have people asking me for one, including my daughter. Instead of me typing out the whole process, I will link the video below from my YouTube channel. If you like the video, please give it a thumbs up and if you haven’t subscribed already, please click the button below the video, I really do appreciate your support and it helps with all the YouTubey thingy’s.

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