A Character Profile of ‘Rain’

Role: Skye’s Best Friend


I have been asked what Rain, Skye’s best friend, is like. So, I thought I’d share a little bit of her occupation, things she likes the most, and things she doesn’t. I hope you enjoy a small peek into who she is so that you’ll recognize her when you read the book.


– She’s an artist

– She plays the bass guitar

– Waitress at a B&B named ‘Ol Man Skye B&B

– Waitress at the same coffee shop as Skye.

What things she likes to do most:

– Play her guitar

– Sing

– Laugh

– Walking on the beach and having beach bonfires

– Spending time with her best friend

The things that she dislikes the most:

– Liars

– Cheaters

– Fake people

That’s it from me for now…

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