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You have no idea how many times people say to me, “I wish I could be more organised!” or “I wish I had some way of remembering all the things that I need to do!” and my answer? “Well, if only I had created something to help you…like a planner!” I mean really. And for those that are new around these parts, I have created a planner and I even have three covers to choose from this year!

I think my facial expression must be hilarious when they say these things.

I have worked hard on creating planners, notebooks and desk calendars to help people be more organised and get their lives running better. My planners have daily pages and they include several different sections to help you manage your day. I also have monthly sections that help you with planning your month and seeing what is important for you to get done in a month.

What’s Included?

I have included a habit tracker and a bullet journal page for every month for those that would like to add other trackers or sections into their monthly planning that is not already there. There’s a page to write down all your projects for the year so that you can see it at a glance. There’s a task planner page to help with daily tasks that are the same every week. And for those writers out there, I’ve included a writing tracker where you can write down your word count which will show you how many days and words you wrote per month.

One of my favourites is ‘The Last Time I…’ page which is where I can write the last time I cleaned my car, the house, the fridge, the bedding, etc. which means I don’t have to go searching in my planner for when last I did something. It saves me a lot of time and effort. Obviously, there is also a birthday calendar too.

And like I said previously, people like bullet journals and I may not have added everything you want in the planner, so I have added three bullet journal pages for you to add whatever you need. Also, one of my favourites is the ‘Online Tools’ pages. Due to the work that I do, I have to log onto many…MANY pages which means I have a lot of login details. I will never remember them all, I mean age is a bugger. I added four pages for that. In my planner though (which is in a Filofax, I added another four pages 😊). I have also got two ‘Notes’ pages for random notes that you may need to keep.

Right at the end I have the ‘My plans for next year’ page and the ‘Dates to be reminded of for next year’ page. These are helpful for when you haven’t got your next year planner yet. And then the best part of the planner, especially for Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Creatives, etc. is the ‘Project Details’ section. In this section, you can plan your project from start to finish. There are five sections for five projects. I keep all of mine because I like to look back on other projects that I’ve completed.

(There are two ‘Project Notes’ pages)

Different Covers

I decided to do three covers to choose from. I know that they don’t seem to be for guys but I have noticed that only woman usually buys my planner so that is the market I cater for. However, if a man wanted me to make a cover for them, then I would not have a problem doing so because I LOVE making covers! The same goes for my notebooks. Although, I am looking into making a few male-friendly notebook covers because notebooks are for everyone.



  • The front and back covers of the planners are encapsulated.
  • A5 size
  • 453 pages
  • 80gsm paper
  • Wire binding
  • Black & White
  • Fountain pen friendly


  • 240 pages
  • Wire binding
  • The front and back covers of the notebooks are encapsulated
  • 80gsm
  • Fountain pen friendly
  • A4 and A5 size

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What’s It Going to Cost?

The cost of the planners is ZAR350 excluding delivery costs. If you are in South Africa, I can send it to you via Aramex or Paxi. If you are not in this country, then I can send it via another courier company. The A4 notebook is ZAR140 each and the A5 notebook is ZAR110 each.

I love being organised because then I feel like my day has a purpose and I’m not all over the place. Not everything always goes according to plan but at least I have a guide. This helps me knock my ‘To Do’ list down quickly. I sit on a Friday and do my planner for the following week. Sometimes I get so absorbed I might even start with the week after that and then have to stop myself.  Yes, yes… I did say that I love it, did I not?

Do yourself a big favour and get one of my planners today (yes, they are surprisingly still available) and start organizing your life. This is no ordinary diary. A planner is different from a diary. In a diary, you only put what you have to do daily. In a planner, you plan your months, projects and life. It’s awesome!

Come now, fill in the form below to order yours. Don’t delay! Get organized as soon as possible!

That’s it from me for now…

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