About me

My name is Ondeane and I am a writer and jewellery enthusiast, amongst other things. I love helping people through difficult times and have a gift for giving advice that usually works. I’m a published poet and as I said, I am an author. I write about things I like, things that are important to me or that I feel passionate about. I am also a singer and songwriter, as well as a musician (acoustic-electric guitar).

I love doing different types of crafts. I am proudly weird (really, my Mom often wonders where she got me from). I usually look like a hippie/bohemian gypsy and I love my style. You will see that I end my blogs with ‘Enjoy the moments’. The reason for this is from the movie ‘The Vow’ when they talk about moments of impact. I believe our lives are full of moments of impact…big and small. I believe you should enjoy them all.

I love reading, The Vampire Diaries Series, Cheesecake (yes, I know it sits on the hips), spending time with my husband, daughter, family, and dogs. I’m a hopeless romantic and believe in love, even though life has tried to knock it out of me over and over again. I love people, but I do have my moments where I enjoy some solitude. I am also a proud Jesus Freak. Oh, and my favourite word is ‘Serendipity’. If you are new here, enjoy my blog and my books.

Enjoy the moments,

Ondeane Lourens

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