Behind the name and butterfly

A few people have asked me what Osa-Belia stands for and also why I use a butterfly as my logo and I decided to explain the meaning behind the name and the butterfly.

I will start with the name Osa-Belia. The ‘Osa’ stands for ‘Ondeane Storm Alexis’. I did this because I wanted to put their names into it to remind me of my beautiful little girls every time I look at the name or type it out, and then my name is there because it’s my ‘company’.

‘Belia’ means ‘Dedicated to God’ and I decided long ago that my businesses and my life are dedicated to God. He is my Author and my Creator and I owe everything to Him, so this reminds me that it all belongs to Him. It was also a way of saying that ‘Ondeane, Storm and Alexis are dedicated to God’.

Now, the butterfly as my logo is due to the fact that firstly, I love butterflies. I find them to be magical, dainty and yet powerful little creatures. Secondly, they started as a caterpillar and became a beautiful butterfly. That means my logo signifies that you may be just a caterpillar at the moment, but you can turn into a beautiful butterfly, all you need is dedication, hard work and perseverance.

In my life, I started out as a ‘caterpillar’ and I believe that I have started reaching the butterfly phase. Also the jewellery that I create, I believe it can make someone feel like they are turning into a beautiful butterfly because beautiful accessories always make me feel extra beautiful and that is what I aim for with the pieces that I make.

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Keep your crystal on and your sparkle strong