In the pages of my shop, you will be able to buy phone wallpapers and digital photos for print from me. I will put all the phone wallpaper mockups on the same page, as well as the photo mockups on their own page and at the bottom is a contact form which you can complete with your details and the products you would like to purchase in the message section.

I will reply via email with a Yoco link to make your payment and it will have the total amount. As soon as I have received your payment to my Yoco account, I will email you the digital copies of the item that you purchased. Each item will have details under it if there are any to give.

If you would like to buy items from the phone wallpapers and the photos, then you can choose which page you want to send the message from and add the product names from the other page to the same message. I will send you a combined amount and link.

Thank you very much for your support, it is truly appreciated. It makes me feel very good that people want to buy my products and you become one of my new favourite people and part of the Ondeane Lourens family.

I hope you have a lovely day further!

Keep your crystal on, your sparkle strong, and enjoy your moments!