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My Random Ramblings for September 2021

If you do your own Social Media Marketing, then you will know that it is grueling. It takes a lot of time and effort…a lot! Especially if you are taking the photos and making the ad post pictures as well. That means that you are doing two jobs. Then you look at answering questions, comments, and angry clients on social media. This could also take a lot of time and patience.

Some clients might want you to call clients or go and see clients to get the product out there. That is what a salesperson does, so that is job number three. Oh, and taking photos is what a photographer does, that’s job number four. Then some clients also want their websites updated or changed, that is a web designer and that’s job number five.

That’s not even counting in all the other things like AdWords, Google Analytics, and anything else that they may ask you to do. So, that is already five jobs done by one person and then they complain when you charge them R100 an hour to do all the work and the hours amount to too much according to them.

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I have noticed this trend amongst people lately, even with my jewellery sales. They are not willing to pay for something because they think that it’s not hard or expensive work and yet it is a lot of hard work and also costs a pretty penny. Maybe if the people out there did their own social media and the other five jobs themselves for three months, then they’d appreciate their social media person a lot more because they should actually be called a Jack or Jill of all trades.

Oh, and off the topic completely. We are the seventh day into Spring and we are being carried away by miggies (gnats or midge in proper English) and small flies. I feel like Mister Miyagi with his chopsticks sometimes when I’m trying to eat. They are driving me crazy. Do you have them there by you? Also, do you do your own social media marketing? What are your views? Do you do someone else’s? What have you come across with how they think?

That’s it from me for now…

Thank you for listening to my rant. I will spare you and stop now.

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