Moose Ridge: Ending to Beginning by Craig Hastings

Moose Ridge Series Book 1

Pages: 343
Genre: Christian Fiction | Christian Romance | Sprinkling of Chick Lit | Romance
Warnings: None.
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Book Summary

Attending Harvard was the first positive thing in Jazmine’s life in a long time. While a member of an affluent New York family, her mother died when she was five and her father went to jail when she was twelve. She lost everything leaving her a ward of the state and becoming a foster child.

Meeting Michael, a medical student was the second. Now she’s looking forward to the perfect life she dreamed about. Leaving Boston and New York behind, the only cities she’s ever known, she’s on her way to join Michael and start their new life together in Wyoming where he will complete his neurosurgical residency. She’s had a lot of hard blows, but now all her hard work and dedication are going to pay off. The day has arrived for her and Michael to start the beginning of their future life together.

Jazmine just knows, for once, everything is going to be exactly how she always dreamed it could be.

Then she’s handed the letter.



Rating: 4 out of 5.

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My Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline. It was a beautiful and sweet romance with a little bit of Chick Lit mixed in. However, it felt a little like I was reading a factual story. It felt staggered. I was quickly committed to the story because of what Jasmine went through at the beginning. The author wrote a good hook.

The story progresses at a good rate and I don’t feel like the author waffled on. I was kept guessing with regard to what was going to happen in Jasmine’s life. Even though I knew they would end up together, I wanted to see how it happens. I enjoyed the relationship that Sadie and her family have with God and that Jazmine is slowly learning what it means to have a relationship with God.

Wyoming sounds really great and even though Sadie sounds very bossy and hectic, I remember that the sheriff and his wife in ‘Have you heard about the Millers’ were the same way. This helped me understand the townspeople a little more.

Jasmine does irritate me at times with the way she acts and it reminds me of a Fourteen-year-old but she gets better by the end of the book. I enjoyed moving with her through her story of self-discovery, finding love and her own two feet. The dialogue is relatively easy to understand, even when it was the lingo of the town’s people. I had no problem understanding it.

I really enjoyed Sadie, Tyler and Jason. In fact, I enjoyed all the characters. The people that were the ‘bad guys’ helped round the story out. This is book 1 of a series and I’ll be interested to see what the next one is about.

I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys reading Christian Fiction and Romance. A charming story.

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