Flower Head Band Tutorial

I love doing different types of hair accessories for myself and Pinterest has also become my best friend when it comes to crafting. I decided to make myself another flower headband and thought I’d show you how I do it.

You need a head band.
Pliers and side cutters.
Flowers to put onto the band.
I used the blue paper flowers.
I started working out where to cut the wire.
I decided on cutting the wire half way through.
I worked out how I wanted to place the flowers.
I then stuck the wire through the material of the head band.
You then need to twist the remaining wire around the base of the flower without breaking off the flower.
You continue doing this with the rest of your flowers.
That is the head band completed.
This is what it looks like on.

I love this Boho look and have a few different colours in my stash.

If you would like to see the video showing how to do this, then you can click on the video link below:

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