The Before & After

My Jewellery Boxes

My jewellery boxes had become untidy and an eyesore and irritation to me because I would just shove all the jewellery in wherever I found a space. When I went through the boxes, I also realised that I didn’t wear all the jewellery and that I had gotten a bit tired of some of my old pieces that I’d made a few years ago.

I don’t often get to fix my own jewellery (much like a mechanic fixing his own car) and I decided to make it into a blog post and make it fun for me. When I was doing this, I realised once again why I started making jewellery because I had a lot of fun. I sat at my study table, had my laptop next to me with Shadowhunters on and I sat from the Thursday to the Sunday making jewellery (the Friday was a public holiday). I have to admit, I hadn’t had that much fun in a while and by Sunday I was a happy and content beader.

To get the effect for some of the coins that I used, I needed to highjack my husbands hammer and I used a foot path ‘brick’ to hammer them out on. I was crazy about the outcome and then went hammer mad! Ha ha ha! My hubbie had to bribe the hammer away from me at one point.

I have two jewellery boxes and a holder that I hand my earrings on. I will share the before, during and after photos with you below. Maybe I can inspire you to give your jewellery boxes some attention.




If you redo your boxes, let me know how it went. I am always curious to know. (Yes, nosy is the correct word but I thought curious would make it sound better).

I would also love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

Keep your crystal on and your sparkle strong