Dragon Bond Part 3

Writing Prompt Challenge

With the village under attack, Draco got Katherine, Ethan and their unborn baby to the safety of a cave. They were worried about their fellow villagers that were being killed for no good reason and it made them sad and angry at the same time. People with power always seemed to think that they could do whatever they pleased because they had power. Imagine the good they could do if that power didn’t go to their heads.

Ethan and Draco looked at each. Draco could feel their emotions and he knew what they were going to have to do. Ethan kissed his wife goodbye and kissed her stomach to say goodbye to their baby, in case he didn’t make it back. He didn’t know what was waiting for them in the village.

He climbed onto Draco’s back and Draco flew off towards the village. Draco wasn’t sure how he was going to do it because usually he would scorch large areas. Now he had to only kill the enemy army.

As they came over the tree line, they were shocked at what they saw.

Smoke trailing into the sky.

Fire burning in places.

People screaming and running around wildly.

Bodies on the ground.

It was chaos.

Draco swooped downwards and set fire to three of the soldiers. Someone shouted ‘dragon’ and King Torsten turned around sharply and then signalled to his men. They shot a net into the sky and Draco countered it and the net flew past him but not before knocking Ethan on the shoulder which made him lose his balance and fall. Fortunately, Draco is fast even for his size and he grabbed Ethan by the foot and swung him back onto his shoulder. Ethan had picked rocks before they had left and he was throwing them with force at the soldiers.

Draco heard something and looked behind him, this took his attention off for a second and when they shot a net at him again, it caught him. Ethan had to tighten his grip in order to not fall off again. As they landed on the ground, Draco and Ethan were already trying to get the net off. The army was approaching them carefully on all sides.

Ethan and Draco thought that it was about to be the end. Ethan’s heart broke for his beautiful wife and unborn baby, sitting waiting by the cave, worried that the worst had happened and now it was about to.

The king walked up to them with confidence that was much like vanity.

“I knew I would get you dragon. You’re mine now,” the king sneered at him.

“I am already bonded,” Draco informed him simply.

“I am aware of that but it will not be that way for much longer,” King Torsten said, looking at Ethan while taking out his sword and slowly advancing on Ethan.

“Firstly, I have to want to be bonded to you. If I don’t want to be, then it won’t happen. Secondly, I am bonded to families, not just one person,” Draco informed him with acid dripping from his words.

“I’ll find the other family members, that’s no problem. If you don’t want to be bonded to me, then there’s no point in you living, is there?” Kind Torsten threatened.

He lifted his sword and was about to stab Ethan through and through when the villagers started throwing rocks at them and telling them to leave them alone. The king turned on the people and was about to give the order for the army to kill them, when Draco took his chance. While the king had his back to him, he breathed fire onto him so violently that it singed Ethan’s hair and if he didn’t get off Draco’s back to sit on the other side of him, he would have been burned too.

Some of the soldiers that had been standing close to the king also got burnt.

The king turned to Draco screaming from the pain of the fire. His soldiers tried to put him out, but the fire was too fierce. The king dropped dead.

The soldiers were petrified and ran away screaming. Dracanos would not likely see them again. Draco and Ethan laughed and the villagers joined them. They came closer and removed the net from them. They all cheered and thanked Draco and Ethan for their help. They could have left them to deal with the army themselves but they saved them instead.

Kathrine had heard the cheering and dared to sneak onto the edge of the village hill to see what was happening. When she saw that the army was gone, she ran as fast as she could to see if Ethan and Draco were fine. As she rounded the corner, she saw that they were both unharmed, tears filled her eyes and she ran into Ethan’s arms.

Draco put his arms gently around his bonded family. They were his and he was theirs.

It would stay that way as long as he lived.

I hope you enjoyed this short story done in 3 parts. It is fantasy, which I don’t usually write in novel format, but that is why I love short stories and writing prompts. It opens your mind to writing in other genres and seeing how you do it at.

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