Why is it important to have an Amazon author page?

If your book is sold on Amazon, then you can have an Amazon author page. Most people these days buy their books via Amazon and even more people buy ebooks. That means that when they click on your book and your profile comes up on the side of the screen, they will be tempted to click on it to see if they are missing out on anything.

Human nature is to not want to miss out on anything and if your face is there with the first half of your description, they’re going to want to see more.

When they click on it, that’s when the magic happens for you because that’s when they see all your other books that you have on Amazon and the prices. If your covers are good, then some of your other books will attract them and they will buy those as well.

If they are Amazon clients that have bought $50 worth of books from them, then they will also be able to review your books on that page, if they missed it before. If you are a blogger, then your blogs can also read to your Amazon page which will also give your blog more traffic. Your fans will also be able to follow you there, so when you have a new book published on Amazon, they will receive an email from Amazon, informing them of that.

Self-promotion is never a bad thing and having an Amazon author page is a good thing to have if you want to self-promote yourself. Don’t underestimate it’s power. Every little bit helps.

Okay…go do that now. Don’t delay as you may be missing out.

That’s it from me for now…

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