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I recently (well, this past weekend actually) did and author event at The Real Mackay in Blairgowrie, Gauteng. Each author had a chance to talk about themselves and their books and to answer questions from the audience.

It was very interesting hearing about what drive these authors and how their books come into being. I wanted to showcase them to you so that you can go and check them out and see what they’re all about and show you how the event looked.

(You can click on their names to go and find them)

Evadeen Brickwood which I have interviewed on my blog before is on the left and S.T. Hendricks is on the right.
Evadeen telling us a bit about herself and how it relates to her books.
Richard Edwards on the left and John West (Wordsmith) on the right.
Richard talking about his puzzle book and how they came about.
Zaid Ismail with his two self-help books.
Zaid giving us some insight on how his book came about and what he’s passionate about.
Shani Krebs wasn’t sitting as his table, but this is his book.
Shani giving us some background on his book.
Prenita Reddi on the left and Hamilton Wende on the right.
Prenita telling us about her journey through divorce and how to make it through to the other side.
Hamilton talking to us about his books and how they came about and on being a journalist in war torn areas.
Susanna Moolman on the right.
Susanna telling us about her books and how they were books that she would have liked to read when she was going through hard times.
Lois Wagner smiling beautifully with her book and her sisters book.
Lois was very animated when telling us the story of her life.
Sam Maphalane with his book. (Unfortunately I couldn’t find any links to buy his book)
Sam telling us about corruption in the medical aids.
Tracey-Lee Easthorpe’s book. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of her table.
Tracey-Lee telling us about how her book came to be and what she’s passionate about.
Shongi Mangwanda with her current books. (I couldn’t find links for her current books)
Shongi chatting to us about her books and what she does.
Cynthia Kock with her book. (Unfortunately I couldn’t find any links for her)
Cynthia Kock talking to us about her book.
Lisa from Lisa’s Memory Shed with her lovely table of doodle items.
Lisa busy doing what she does best…doodling!
This is me (Ondeane Lourens…in case you didn’t know, ha ha) at my table.
A better view of my table with my poetry book, my planner and desk calendar on it.
The authors chatting to each other.
Our view of the FFF Restaurant.
Our view of the shop they have behind the restaurant in The Real Mackay. Very interesting shop…

It was wonderful getting to know the other authors and what they stand for. I love it when authors support authors because this can be a lonely business.

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments