Test of the Four by A.E. Bennett

The Serrulata Saga Book 2

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Pages: 492
Genre: Dystopian Science Fiction / Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction / Science Fiction Adventure
Warnings: (Given by Author) The Serrulata Saga is intended for mature readers (18+). This book contains explicit language, graphic violence, and strong consensual sexual situations. Additionally, there are mentions of physical abuse, domestic abuse, allusions to torture, allusions to child abuse and child sexual abuse, and allusions to violence against the queer community. There are also mentions of deaths from a plague. Reader discretion is advised.

Book Summary

“Outside of the Realm, everything is unknown.”

Having paid a high price to pass through the Border, the Four depart the only lands they’ve ever known. They’re faced with immediate problems and unknown dangers as they begin the perilous journey toward the fabled city of New York.

As they travel, Leora struggles to hone her powers, Roland and Aurora attempt to explore their new romantic relationship, and Leopold battles with his inner demons.

Meanwhile, all is not right within the Realm. The young sovereign continues to wield his new powers erratically, threatening the lives of every citizen. Now, several members of the gentry must navigate through the chaos to protect their homes and families. Can the Four survive their journey? And if they do, will there be a Realm for them to return to?



Rating: 4 out of 5.

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My Thoughts

I have previously reviewed the first book in the series with the name Gathering of the Four and I also reviewed her book about Gerald & Octavia Verte with the name Yours and Mine.

The action of the story is interesting and keeps you reading. You will be swept along by the journey that the four are on but also the journey that the rest of the characters are on because they are all facing their own trials and their own demons. The short snippets at the beginning of each chapter sometimes had foreshadowing which also made me want to know what would happen next.

I enjoyed the story itself with all its twists and turns. There are a lot of lies, corruption and secrets which is a lot like the governments out there today. I was a little confused when the author mentioned Temple as more than one person. Their or they were used instead of him or his. It started really getting to me because I found it difficult to follow who was being eluded to. I know it’s got something to do with being gender-neutral but it was frustrating and due to that, I never really felt connected to Temple and I couldn’t imagine them in my mind’s eye.

There’s a lot of swearing in book 2 as per the author’s warning. It felt a little like overkill after a while. There are spelling and grammar mistakes that should be checked again by an editor. The most obvious spelling mistakes were in Chapter 25, with most of the words beginning with Z. I wanted to know what was going to happen to Leora and her group that went over the border. I’m hoping book three is going to live up to the hype built up in this book.

The worlds that the author created definitely had that dystopian feeling to them. The Realm felt like another dimension compared to what was outside its borders. The author brought the worlds to life and I could easily imagine it. I feel that there is not just one protagonist in this story. I know Leora is supposed to be the saviour but the other characters have large parts in the story as well and are all contributing to how the story is unfolding which makes me think that this story has several protagonists.

The dialogue was not bad. I enjoyed all the familiar characters because they worked well together. I like the new friendships that were formed. And the bad guys were really bad, even worse than in book one. I’m really hoping the sovereign gets a good smack from karma. This is a series and this is book two of the series. There is a book three that will be coming out. This story also ends with a cliffhanger and I am eager to know what happens in the next book.

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes Dystopian Adventure Romances with Science Fiction mixed in.

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