Testimonial & Client Showcase


This is my first testimonial on my blog and I decided to add a client showcase so that I could give my beautiful clients their time in the limelight.

My first client testimonial is from a beautiful young lady named Chené and she absolutely loves owls! Most of the jewellery I made for her had owls on it. She also loves Harry Potter and I made her the necklace that has the ‘Snitch’ on it as well.

I asked Chené to please give me a few words on what she thinks of the jewellery I make and these are the lovely words that she had to share:

“I just love wearing my jewelry from Osa-Belia. Beautiful lady who makes beautiful jewelry by hand. I’ve never been so pleased with handmade jewelry before. Very good quality. Also, very happy with the heart-warming service she provides. I would highly recommend Osa-Belia to anyone.”

Thank you very much for your kind words Chené, they are greatly appreciated and I am glad that you feel that way. I pour love into the jewellery I make and I have always been sure that my clients could feel it.

Chené’s Showcase



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