The Everyday Look

Can you wear your jewellery on a normal day?

I believe that your handmade and beaded jewellery does not need to only be worn when it’s a special occasion. Yes, the jewellery is special, but in essence, so is your normal day. You are alive and you get to live another day. That in itself makes it a special day.

Gone are the days where we used to have crystal glasses that we only used on special occasions as our grandparents did. I for one love drinking out of lovely glasses and feeling special and I don’t only need to feel that way on special occasions because let’s be honest, there are usually not many of those. Life is hard enough and drab enough as it is, why not make it sparkle a little?

Magical orb

For this reason, I wear my special jewellery even on a normal day. Even if I’m just going to the shop to buy eggs and bread because it makes me feel good, and I like feeling good.

Embrace the beauty of everyday by wearing your jewellery everyday because you’re worth that. You are worthy of feeling good every day. You are worthy of looking special…everyday.

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Keep your crystal on and your sparkle strong