10 YouTube Video Ideas

If you are struggling to find content for your YouTube videos then you can use this short list of ideas. There are many other ideas out there, these are just a few. I hope they help you.

1. Unboxing

When you have bought some products and you do product reviews and show people what you have bought.

2. Cooking

A lot of people love watching people cook or seeing how others do things in the kitchen.

3. ‘How to’ Video’s

People look for videos on how to solve problems that they may be having with various situations. Literally, you can teach anything. Practical learning & video tutorials are more popular these days.

4. Review Video

This could be about politics, books, movies or games. Tell people what you think.

5. DIY Video

You may have a hidden talent or be very good at something. Show people how to do it.

6. Beauty Tips

If you are someone that can do make up and enjoys it, then you can do videos showing people how to do different make up looks.

7. FAQ Video

You can do a fun video with friends or family answering different questions. You could also do a more serious video asking questions of a sensitive nature.

8. Vlogging

You can do vlogging videos of you going shopping, cleaning or showing people how a day in your life looks like.

9. Hauls

Share what you’ve bought lately with your audience.

10. GRWM

Get ready with me video is a video where you get ready in front of the camera. You can even chat about something while you get ready.

That’s it from me for now…

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