A day in the life…Nope, not today.


Well…I was supposed to do a day in the life of me post today, but I, unfortunately, do not have the images currently to support this post, so I will do it later this week.

Things are quite hectic on most days and keeping up with everything can be challenging at times, to say the least.

Have you ever had those days were your brain and body just don’t want to go anymore and you could quite easily just sit and stare at the wall or a movie? I had one of those weekends. To add to that, Saturday night I almost didn’t sleep at all because my tooth was paining terribly! By 4 am I was ready to use pliers and remove it myself! So I was pretty useless on Sunday as well. Although, in between all the laziness, my family and I still managed to clean the house, so I suppose I wasn’t completely useless this weekend 🙂

How did it go with your weekend?

That’s it from me for now…

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Enjoy the moments