Juan de Beer Odendal – Author Interview

About Juan

Juan de Beer Odendal is a fitness, health, and wellness expert turned self-empowerment author and teacher. Highly regarded for his experience, knowledge, and skill as an energy healer, natural health, fitness, and wellness practitioner, Juan is always seeking out new knowledge.

Juan has authored and taught various healing courses and workshops. This includes crystal and Reiki Healing, Indian Head and Shoulders Massage, Reflexology lectures for both registered Therapeutic Reflexologist’s (Continued Professional Development) and students at University level. Juan was the sole creator and course author for Meridian Healing in 2015. Meridian Healing was renamed and trademarked in 2015 by Juan as Unified Meridian Therapy (TM). Unified Meridian Therapy (TM) treatment protocols are only taught by Juan.

Juan and has written articles on Reflexology for various publications. This includes articles published in the journal of The South African Reflexology Society Journal and for local magazines whilst he was serving in his capacity as Public Relations Officer for the Society.

Juan was interviewed and featured on 108live.net for his writing, the Espresso Show for Reflexology, and on The Gareth Cliff Show for a debate on energy healing versus allopathic medicine.

Juan has a special interest in positive psychology, self-development, natural healing, and New Thought Thinking which he combines with Family and Systemic Constellations, also known as Family Systems Theory into a unique approach when working with clients who suffer from chronic, debilitating or severe illness. In 2019, he named this approach Holistic Health Constellations (TM).

For now, Juan continues to live, learn, and write in South Africa. He is still madly in love with his husband, their life together, and their two dogs named Lycan (Wolf) and Luna (Moon). Juan is adventurous and travels as often possible.

Q & A:

#1 Tell us about your book.

My first book: ‘Magic Mirror Mind: Claim Personal Power, Find Wholeness and Awaken Potential after Abuse and Trauma’ teaches many practical exercises and healing practices for individuals like myself who endured and survived trauma. Some would say that time heals all wounds but the scars will always remain. Beliefs like these don’t really support the healing process. Claiming back your personal power entails changing your beliefs systems with regard to your trauma. When we challenge our outdated beliefs and adopt new beliefs that support our healing find more wholeness. Any form of trauma including physical, emotional or sexual abuse, changes us. Trauma suppresses your authentic self but when we heal we awaken our true potential. The book contains stories about some abuse and most traumatic events that shaped my life. In sharing these stories, I demonstrate how we can all heal ourselves.

#2 Why did you choose the genre that you write in?

I can’t say I specifically chose the self-empowerment genre to write in. In a way, I really feel, that my genre chose me. To really answer this question, I think suffice it to say, that writing in my genre was a natural progression on my journey into writing that evolved from my healing work. Who knows another genre may pick me in the future!

#3 What are you passionate about?

Being an intense person by nature means I have many passions. My first love is for the healing arts, and my second is acquiring knowledge. Thereafter, the sharing of this knowledge through teaching and writing brings me joy!

#4 Talk us through ‘a day in the life of Juan’.

Not being a morning person, coffee in bed every morning is good to start! My other half, Tinus loves to spoil me that way. To prepare my mind for the day that lies ahead I try to read something inspirational every morning. Before jumping out of bed I say a few positive affirmations followed by more coffee. The rest of my day is filled with the usual stuff. Administration, cooking, taking care of the dogs. Writing happens very haphazardly.

#5 Is there anything you regret in life?

Yes, wow! I went through a very dark time after the death of my dog, a best friend, my father and another dear friend who was also a mentor to me. This all happened in rapid succession over a period of 8 weeks. Thereafter, I went through one of the darkest times of my life. I dabbled in various drugs and would binge drink. During my alcohol induced stupor I often horribly mistreated myself and those closest to me. Alcoholism runs in the family, so I am forever monitoring my
drinking behaviour.

#6 What do you like to do for fun?

Trying new food recipes, spending too many hours browsing for, buying, and reading books. Recently, I learned to enjoy Muay Thai Kickboxing.

#7 What is your favourite holiday destination? And why?

Anywhere tropical with the beach. I could easily become a beachboy and I would love to take up surfing one day. 

#8 If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Louise L. Hay. Her journey to becoming a self-help author and teacher closely resembles my own. Applying her Science of Mind based writing and teachings to my own life were instrumental in healing my trauma. Discovering Louise L. Hay forever changed the way I would perceive the world.

#9 What is your favourite animal?

Many would assume that the wolf is my favourite animal because I have adopted the wolf with sacred geometry as my author brand. I really love wolves but I can’t be disloyal to my two beautiful German Sheppard dogs who accompany me every day. So, it has to be dogs first and, thereafter, wolves.

#10 Do you have a small piece of advice for any new writers out there?

My greatest challenge was to overcome the fear of thinking that I am not worthy or don’t know enough and that I am not experienced enough to write about self-empowerment. Writing has taught me to be courageous in unexpected ways. Learning to let go of all my illogical fears was important to be able to write authentically. Interestingly, ensure that you are getting more than enough sleep! Sleep is so important for creativity. Read Stephen Kings’ book on Writing and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Special Announcement about his book:

Due to a change in my personal schedule, the release for “Magic Mirror Mind: Claim Personal Power, Find Wholeness and Awaken Potential after Abuse and Trauma” has been postponed.

I appreciate the support and encouragement I have received up to this point, but I don’t want to release a book unless I am 100% satisfied with the quality of the content.

I will announce a new date soon, and appreciate everyone’s patience in the meantime.

That’s it from me for now…

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