Stop Signs in South Africa

My Random Ramblings for August 2021

I decided to start a ‘random ramblings’ post series in order to get some of my random thoughts down in black and white. Not only for my own records but to get some of the craziness out of my head. I hope you’ll enjoy the ride…muahahaha (evil laugh). Yes, I am funny! Just ask my family that is legally obligated to say that I am…wink, wink.

I don’t know about your country, but in this country, stop signs have become a suggestion instead of the law. Most people completely ignore them here. I don’t know if they say this in other countries but there’s a reason people say, “She ignored him like a stop sign.” Yes, it’s because they actually do get ignored.

My mom lives on a corner of two streets, so she has a street coming past both sides of her house. The one that comes from the main road is one of those stop signs that people ignore. And heaven help you if you actually obey the law and stop at the stop sign! The person behind you will then hoot at you for having the audacity to stop at a stop sign. I mean…how dare you obey the law!

In fact, the general lawlessness that is happening in this country is shocking. Taxi’s do whatever they want and cops don’t even stop them. Cops stop people but mostly for bribes. The government openly steals money from the people of South Africa and we get poorer and the government gets richer. It would all scare the living daylights out of me if it wasn’t for the fact that I belong to Jesus and I live according to His economy and not the world’s economy.

Oh, oh! And the other day a learner driver was driving with the driving instructor. Firstly, he was eating a hamburger while she was driving, and secondly, when she started slowing down for the stop sign like she should be doing, he waved her forward with irritation and said, “Go, go!” It was at that point that I wished I had a camera with me. It made me wonder if this is the reason why people aren’t stopping anymore. Maybe they are being taught not to.

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I have to send my daughter for driving lessons to learn the rules of a driving test, etc. and I shudder at the thought of having her in a car with someone like that because he puts that person’s life at risk. What if someone is coming from the other side with the same thoughts towards a stop sign and also keeps on driving? I’ve told her to stop and then give the person a lecture and then I will be changing the driving school at that point. Maybe if more people do that, they will start obeying the rules of the road.

Sometimes I want to stand by the corner of my mom’s house and videotape people like a crazed stalker and name and shame them. But then I think, what is the point? No one cares. About 98% of the people do not stop at the stop streets in that area. It is quite alarming, to say the least. They don’t even care that children cross there or that parents with children drive out from there because there is a school there.

That’s it from me for now… If you don’t hear from me in a while, then you’ll know that I did something crazy and they came after me with pitchforks.

Thank you for listening to my rant. I will spare you and stop now.

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