Traveling to Scotland

My Biggest Travel Dream

I know everyone has a list of places that they would like to travel to and I am no exception. On my list though, Scotland is right at the top of that list and far ahead of the other places. I don’t know what all the different places in Scotland are called but I want to go everywhere! The two that I know I definitely want to go to is The Isle of Skye and Edinburgh.

I thought I’d share some photo’s that I found on the internet with you so that you can see why I want to go there. It is so beautiful, green and luscious. The Isle of Skye gives me such a Viking vibe and it’s also where the main character of my book series moves to. I always loved Scotland but when I had to do research for my books, I completely fell in love with it.

I would love to live in the UK but would probably have to start with Ireland because of my great grandfather that was born in Dublin, Ireland. We are currently trying to get a copy of his birth certificate so that we can get our passports done. I don’t mind going to Ireland though, it is also very beautiful.

When I look at some of the photos of Skye, it makes me think of Outlander. And who doesn’t love a Scottish accent? Oh, and the bag pipes! Love them! Anyway, before I swoon too much, let me leave you with a few beautiful photos. The links to the websites where I got the photos will be below the photo.

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The Isle of Skye


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