Planning the Year

My Random Ramblings for January 2022

Okay, it’s a new year and everyone is staring at each other waiting for it to show signs of repetition. Stop staring and stop waiting. Stop it! Hey, you over there…I said stop! Take a deep breath and take the first step forward into a successful year. If you are alive, breathing (even if your breathing is fast or terrified, it still qualifies as breathing) and can put a smile on your face, then it’s already successful.

Too often we feel that we measure success against what we have or what we do with our lives. Even though that is a part of someone’s success, it’s not everything. You need to take a deep breath and look at all the good in your life. No, I’m not high. I can bet you that you have some good in there. You need to look for it. As human beings, we tend to focus on the negative way too easily and the positive things fall by the wayside. The small positive things that happen disappear because we want them to be big things.

Like a story I once heard about a professor that was trying to teach his students about what makes up life. I hope I don’t butcher the story, but here goes. He took a glass jar and asked a student to fill it with large stones. The glass jar could only fit in about five stones. He then asked another student to throw small pebbles into the jar. The pebbles fell around the big stones and filled the jar out more. He asked a third student to then fill the jar with water. The water filled all the crevices and there were no open spaces left.

The professor then explained that the larger stones are the big things that happen in life. There are not many and they don’t completely fill up your life. The pebbles are the smaller things that happen on a daily basis or a few times a week or month. They fill up quite a bit of your life but they still don’t make it completely full. The water is seemingly insignificant things that happen every day that completely saturate your life and soul. A smile from a stranger. A friendly word. A hug from a loved one. A compliment from your boss. A kiss on the tip of your nose from your partner. Seemingly insignificant but so, so beautiful!

Those are the moments that actually feed your soul. Those are the moments that make your life the most beautiful because they permeate your life. The other things that happen help but it’s not what makes your life a success. That’s why I end my blog with ‘Enjoy your moments’. I watched the movie ‘The Vow’ and it touched my soul. Especially when he talks about moments of impact. Before I continue, I will put it below for you.

‘I have a theory. My theory is about moments, moments of impact. My theory is that these moments of impact, these flashes of high intensity that completely turn our lives upside down actually end up defining who we are. The thing is, each one of us is the sum total of each moment that we’ve ever experienced, with all the people we’ve ever known, and it’s these moments that become our history. Like our own personal greatest hits of memories that play and replay in our minds over and over again. A moment of impact. A moment of impact whose potential for change has riffle effects far beyond what we can predict. Sending some particles crashing together, making them closer than before. While sending others, spinning off into great ventures, landing where you never thought you’d find them. You see, that’s the thing about moments like these, you can’t, no matter how hard you try, control how they going to affect you. You’ve just got to let the colliding particles land where they may, and wait, until the next collision.’

– The Vow movie

I believe that your moments of impact are what make your life successful. The small things. I know I just took a long way around, it was the scenic route. But what I was trying to say about your life being a success, even if you just breathing or smiling, comes down to what I’ve been rambling on about. It’s the small things in life that make your life a success, so enjoy them. Don’t wait around for the big things.

Oh yes, and don’t wait around to see if this year is going to be a train wreck like last year was. Set out to make it different. Take control of the train. You can do it. And by the way…if you smile even when you don’t feel like you have anything to smile about, you will trick your brain into feeling better. I mean really smile. Not a smile like the Joker please, you don’t want to freak people out, or your cat. Smile from your soul, hum even. It works for me every single time!

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Anyway, let me get back to the title of the blog, haha, I have so many plans for the year. What is the first most important one? You guessed it! Make it a success. I believe with all my heart that with God leading me, my year is going to be a ‘hit out of the ball park’ kind of year! Not just business-wise but also because I will be making sure to smile more. Take deep breaths. Enjoy nature. I’m going to be changing a few things for the better. My YouTube channel will change a little and I’m taking a look at my social media content.

I also have a business that I’m looking into and if it’s God’s will, then I will share it with you. I will also be marketing my Patreon account a little more and other ways that people can support me if they want to but don’t have Patreon. Although, just a side note here… If you don’t have Patreon, you are missing out. There is so much awesome content on Patreon from many different people. You should do yourself a favour and go and check it out. While you are there, you can maybe go and show my page support (wink, wink). Yes, I know, it’s shameless!

I want you to have the best year ever. If your year didn’t start off well, shake it off, or pick yourself up and march on. Don’t let a moment in your life define your whole year. Your year is made up of many moments, not just one. You can do this! Have faith in yourself. Have faith in God’s grace, love, and mercy. Remember to love yourself, not in a vain way but in a way that makes you look at yourself without criticism all the time. Be kind to yourself and to other people. And please, oh please, do not be a social media douchebag! I beg you! There’s enough of those.

As always, thank you for your support and for always reading what I have to ramble on about. Your support is greatly appreciated. No really, it is greatly appreciated. I watch my blog insights like I watch a cream doughnut…hungrily. Tell me in the comments what you have planned for the year. Maybe we can cheer each other on.

By the one, don’t be alarmed but I am changing what I end my blogs and videos with. I will be starting with this blog. Let me know what you think. Ciao for now!

That’s it from me for now…

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Keep your crystal on, sparkle strong, and enjoy your moments

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