Seven Things That Steal Your Joy by Joyce Meyer

Pages: 256
Genre: Christian / Self-Help / Non-fiction / Christian Living / Spirituality / Religion / Christian Non-Fiction / Inspirational / Faith
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Book Summary

#1 New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer reveals the seven most common obstacles to living a happy life and the ways to triumph over them.

Internationally known teacher and author Joyce Meyer affirms that God’s plan for you is to enjoy life to the fullest; all of life, every day of life. Through inspiring passages from Scripture and words of wisdom mined from her ministry and her own experiences, she shows you how to find joy and keep it. In her honest and straightforward style, she points out the seven things that can steal your happiness and instructs you in how to replace them with God’s truth and love. From letting go of unhealthy desires to simplifying the busy existence that carries you away from happiness, Joyce Meyer arms you with the Word of God to fight the seven things that steal your joy.



Rating: 5 out of 5.

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My Thoughts

I can’t remember where I got this book from because I have bought so many Joyce Meyer books and have received some as gifts as well, so unless I write in the front of the book, I won’t remember. Seven things that steal your joy is a self-help Christian book that helps you to identify what is stealing your joy and then how to counteract it.

As always, when it comes to Joyce Meyer’s books, this book really helped me. It helped me to see areas that I needed to focus on that were silently stealing my joy. After reading how to make it better and then actually working on it, it has really helped me to be more joyful even when my circumstances don’t always warrant joy. Taking offence is always a big one, especially in the world today where people take offence for every miniscule thing that happens. It’s a good thing to remember that it’s not good for you or your mental health at all.

I have learnt many valuable lessons from reading this book. I never just learn one or two valuable lessons while reading one of Joyce’s books. She is a fountain of help and encouragement. But if I had to choose, I would say it’s learning to not take offence and being confident in God and being free in Christ. I believe that I have grown spiritually because I work harder at not taking offence (because I’m a passion person and it happens) and I now talk to God when I’m feeling angry about something or someone and I hand it to Him because He is my vindicator and then He gives me peace about it.

The book helps you to see that even if life throws thorns and troubles at you, you need to keep your joy because that is a Biblical principle. It’s the whole point of the book. Don’t let the thorns of life steal your joy because your joy comes from God and not from your circumstances or the people in your life. I liked how Joyce first gave you the ‘Joy Stealer’ and then she teaches you how to combat that with a ‘Joy Keeper’.

Joyce’s writing style is easy to read. I also love how she always includes a little humour in her writing and because I also listen to a lot of her sermons, I can almost hear her saying everything that is in the book, like her audiobook playing in my head. I believe her work is biblically sound because she bases everything on the Bible. She loves the Bible and she makes sure that is the underlying factor in all her books. She has some things that God taught her from personal experience, which she also shares but I love those examples because it helps me to see it in action and not just on the page.

I have read many books by Joyce Meyer and I will link a few in this blog for you. However, in the distant past, I never thought of reviewing the books. My next book is also a Joyce Meyer book (I have many on my TBR pile, haha) and the title is Managing Your Emotions. I usually read these books as part of my personal Bible study. Seven things that steal your joy is a thought-provoking and inspiring book which teaches you how to keep your joy if you follow her advice. Joyce is very insightful because of the life that she has lived and I am grateful that she shares it with the world.

I would recommend this book to any person that struggles with keeping their joy while life keeps smacking them in the face. Or anyone that needs a reminder that your joy comes solely from God and not from life, others or social media comments. I would recommend it because I want you to be able to withstand the fiery darts of the enemy and stand firm in your joy and I believe this book will help you get there.

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